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many of us know this date
many of us probably dislike it because...

good words, likes and hearts were deleted.
so i disliked january 11th until i figured that
god (others tend to call it "karma", "fate"
or "the cosm") is testing me.

every trial strengthens the
spirit of a fighter.

I do thank you God.
Today is a good day.
Mikey Kania Jan 11
on a staircase in frankfurt, german financial centre.

a habesha lady in company of two brothers; one of them, a rastafarian, carrying a beautiful young girl in his arms.

the habesha lady grabs into the girl's ***** blonde hair, saying: "her hair looks so good."

by the sound of her voice, i sense clearly that she has been on strong drugs excessively.

what will be her fate?
and, more importantly, was this girl her daughter?
(Habesha is a term to describe, roughly, people of Eritrean and Ethiopan descent.)

Keep in mind that strong drugs haven't been part of our cultures for long, while the traditions of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist religion have been established for centuries.

And religion is a source of hope, strength and belongingness for many.

But often, faith by itself is not sufficient to keep addicts clean.

That's why the message has to be spread:



Today is a good day.

Mikey Kania Jan 10
...because today a nine-year old boy died while he was playing in his parents' garden.

I heard about it just now and therefore I am crying. It's so ******* disturbing.

May God bless his soul.

Please God, don't allow such tragedies to happen.

Please parents, watch your children.

Please children, take care of yourselves.
Please neither heart nor like this text, which isn't meant to be a poem.

Just say a prayer for the boy and his family instead.

Thank you.

Life is precious. It should be appreciated.
Mikey Kania Jan 9
don't care about jealousy
don't care about envy
don't scare if they attack you
don't attack others without a reason

listen to your inner voice
listen to your needs:
follow your longing
(don't) think about gender
sweetie / my man:

get what you need

that's the true spirit of a fighter:

to accept yourself
to fulfill your wants
THEY are going to help every addict:

God loves every-body. This higher power is there for all of us. Not against us.

Today is a good day.
Mikey Kania Jan 7
all religions share similar values:

a stable family

why, then, are many believers hostile to followers of other religions?
Today is a good day.
God bless you.
Mikey Kania Jan 5
hook a buddy up my heart
is racing
trapped in purple drops of rain
my pulse has been pacing
like a golden train

we were spacing
out for five hours
my words became your worst
your worst became my words

listen to your inner voice:
nobody is without...
Sins are committed by everybody.

Regardless of skin color, moral values, beliefs, nationality, age, gender, ****** identity, welfare-dependency, wealth.

F├╝hlst du mich? (Feel me?)
Do you understand that?

It is never about stereotypes but about oneself.

Still, stereotyping helps us to survive in this weird world.

Are you brave enough to distinguish?

Today is a good day.

YouTube: "Bedrock Beautiful Strange"
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