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Mike Winegar Mar 2017
Words have strength,
Much stronger than steel.
They weigh nothing,
Yet carry weight.

So beware what you say,
For there may come a day
When they will make for you
A most bitter meal.

Copyright 2017, William M. Winegar
Mike Winegar Jun 2014
Sunlight on a web.
Spider waits for company;
Waiting patiently.
Copyright 2014, William M. Winegar
My fingers have learned
how it feels
to get burned.
When your every
“I’m Sorry”, left a scar,
deep and unearned.

The words on your lips
whispered the truth
while you slept.
Leaving me no longer wondering
why you smiled
as I wept.

My heart finds itself smiling
into the numbness
of your vacancy.
Your memory’s grown silent
and is now dead
to me.
**Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm**
Mike Winegar May 2013
The moon's pale face regards the nighttime skies
As the stars pass by on their ancient quest.
Silent shadows glide 'cross the ground
From clouds that move and make no sound.
Nighttime is when her spirit will rise
To ever wander and never know rest.

Eileen was the name of the red-haired girl
Who lived in the castle near the sea.
It was the only home she'd ever known,
This ancestral fortress made of stone.
It was a simple and tranquil world,
The only place she wanted to be.

The castle was home for ages long past
For her father, his father, and beyond.
Their memory lived within the grey-****** walls,
Their deeds were remembered in each of the halls.
The castle was safe; its walls held fast.
Yet its fate lay within a wizard's wand.

Galyn was a wizard of dark renown,
Winding his way from times of ancient yore.
Great was the power at his command;
Deep was the knowledge he kept at hand.
Few were the secrets he had not found,
As he labored at his art behind a locked door.

Standing on a tower's balcony on a grey, windy day
Eileen could feel the sea's breath on her skin.
Galyn would watch her standing there,
The wind playing and dancing with her hair.
Though for ages he walked a solitary way
The sight caused a stirring deep within.

From ancient ages he searched in shadows dark
Seeking answers in places unseen and unknown.
Yet this power was one never felt before,
Twisting his emotions and piercing him to his core.
It ignited within him a powerful spark,
A burning desire to make her his own.

Eileen never e'en thought, not once in her life
That she could hold sway over a wizard's heart.
Her youthful innocence knew naught of such a thing.
She dreamt of knights slaying dragons, or even of marrying a king.
She could not fathom Galyn wanting her for a wife
Be it through trickery, treachery, guile, or blackest art.
Copyright 2013, William M. Winegar
This is a work in progress.
Mike Winegar Apr 2013
The clock is forever driving me,
The minute hand is not nice.
The time is getting away so fast;
Can't take time to think about it twice.

The seconds run away and hide
Taking minutes and hours away.
I try to slow them down a bit,
Begging them to stay.

"Time marches on" the people say
With boots that are unforgiving.
Perhaps the best thing for me to do
Is to get on with my living.
Copyright 2013, William M. Winegar
This is an older poem written some time back.
Mike Winegar May 2012
My head is pounding
Feeling waves of nausea
Even the light hurts.
Copyright 2012, William M. Winegar
Mike Winegar May 2012
Waking up slowly
The bed's warmth holds me hostage.
Where is my coffee?
Copyright 2012, William M. Winegar
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