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1.8k · May 2015
MiKayla May 2015


Verse 1:
The city lights are pretty tonight
You act like you care
But in the end I’m not the one
That you really want there

And I thought you
Could be the one I waited for
But now I know

You’re on the borderline
Stand and watch time pass you by
You can’t choose where you stand
What I’m not or what I am
To you
So let me go and watch me
Dip below the horizon
Then call for me and
Think I’ll have forgotten
This time

Verse 2:
I thought the world couldn’t get any darker
Until I watched your light fade out
Just when I think it’s like permanent marker
I see your glow on the edge of town

Tell me you don’t do this on purpose
Like a sick mind game
You’re back and forth on if I’m worth it
But I know every word that rhymes with your name

And I thought you
Could be the one that had it all
But now I know


Verse 3:
You’re on the fence
You’re taking your sweet time
Give me a clear… sign
You’re borderline
(What am I to you?)


Verse 4:
(You don’t know where you stand)
(You don’t know what I am to you)
(Your hourglass is running out of sand)
I might not be the one to catch your eye
You act like you’re all mine
But in the end, in the end
You’re borderline

— The End —