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He was poison,
she was pure.
Everything about her,
laced in naivety and innocence.
He may as well have been the devil,
intent of stripping her of everything she knew.
She wanted something different;
desperate to know what it was like,
being like him.
And she craved crazy,
because hell;
she was crazy for him.
You've fed my desires, but this hurts too much. With every thought of you; my heart slowly blackens.
It was just supposed to be physical and my biggest mistake was feeling more for you than you'd ever be willing to feel for me.
I don't know how it happened, but I fell for you - hard. I love your laugh, your smile, and your unexplainable talent to get on my nerves. I worry about you too, you know?
Every time I'm not with you, hoping you're okay; because I care.
I wish I didn't, believe me - it would make things so much easier. But unfortunately that's not the situation I face.
I just want to be there for you and see you get everything you could ever want in life - even if that doesn't include me.
maybe you'll see this one day and understand how much I love you.
Iv'e sewn myself shut.
In a desperate attempt,
To seal myself off.
From you.
The kisses didn’t count
If no one else knew
I believed you when you said
This love was only for me and you

Things were lost
That I didn’t mean to lose
I was so addicted to you
It felt like my choice to choose

Blinded by lust
I never knew what to feel
There had to be something there
That convinced me it was real

Being your secret
Was hardly a concern
I learned the hard way
My feelings couldn’t be returned
Some make plans to escape
Some just watch it burn
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  Feb 2017 Mikayla Theriault
If we're not fated
to be in this life, then I'll
meet you in the next.
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