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Miguel Cardozo May 2020
I didn't mean the words I said!
I swear the thought to mind my words slipped from my head!
My tongue was sharpened to an edge,
Poised to pierce, and so it did.
For nothing helps, when blood does boil,
To calm the ire, and end the quarrel.
No panacea have I found,
within myself or here around,
no consequence is taken heed.
to help me stay this wicked need,
And though my sins arent mine alone
I have no strength to cast more stones.
I've put a noose around my tongue
And from it you shall find me hung.
Miguel Cardozo May 2020
I feel the emptiness of a brain uninspired,
I have no desire to muse about anything.
And to make something out of nothing
is never the easiest.
Putting pencil to paper,
I drag out the nothing inside
And line by line
It dies.
Trying to write one poem a day... This is barely day 2 lol
Miguel Cardozo May 2020
Dragon fly, so aptly named
You skit passed land,
and sea,
and sky,
In iridescent blues
and greens
and grays.
Like a jewel, shinning through the day.
Miguel Cardozo May 2020
Songs sung off key.
Cigarettes shared on park benches.
Fingers touching frets awkwardly.
Ill timed phone calls that last deep into the night.
You wake up refreshed, each and every time
On fantasy, and four hour sleep.
The day, just a silence in between,
conversations in the dark.
Miguel Cardozo May 2020
Enchantment, envelope me
Surround me, with the sound of her lips
Breathless as though the words themselves were my oxygen.
I'm overwhelmed in the awe of it,
The simple semblance of words,
Spoken perfectly,and in silence.
They destroy me, and make me whole all over again.
Miguel Cardozo Dec 2019
sadness is a sea,
and on its shore I stand.
away from waters deep
feet firmly in the sand
it washes over me,
and goes away again,
a constant ebb and flow eroding who I am.
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