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Lila Platt Oct 6
hands flutter at the speed of light
tingle in my brain, extremities float like a kite
overflowing with good
not staying still like I should
floating up to the stars
stimming to the moon & back
a magical joy, an incredible hack
flap my wings, fly so high
flap my wings up to the sky
Lila Platt Oct 6
I’ll always be here for you
no matter how long we’ve been apart
I know you’re there too
but will you hold my hand in the dark?
Lila Platt Oct 6
fix me
can you try?
give me a quiet brain
&when I fall off the wall
will you put me together again?
fix       fix            

put me back together again.
whatever this is  :)
Lila Platt Oct 6
a sharp familiar ache
my heart may actually break
thought it was back pain
but all along it was my brain
this feeling
it’s somewhere inside
it’s too late to hide
from the stress
of being alive
descriptive of the chest pain I’ve been experiencing due to stress & sensory overload that I thought was in my back… turns out a massage can’t heal this one.
Lila Platt Sep 23
I am who I’ve always been, the scales have just fallen from my eyes
I’m no longer deceived by you and your lies
Lila Platt Sep 23
I watch them talk, express, emote
Studying every movement, every smile, I take note
Compiling the data in an organized fashion
Psychology books I devour with an unbridled passion
Putting on a mask like I’m at a masquerade
Underneath lies a little girl, alone in a big arcade
Practising my laugh in front of a mirror
Wiping away tears just to see it clearer
Searching “how to identify sarcasm” late into the night
Sore, tired eyes from my phone’s bright light
Relapsing into tears
Ridicule is one of my biggest fears

Why can’t I be like everyone else?
Another poem about masking autism and how it feels.
Lila Platt Sep 16
this cut
more than the rest
this cut
is how
her feelings are expressed
this cut
like words of a psalm
this cut right here
this one’s for you, mom
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