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When I’m alone I like to think.
Think about life and what I want.
Like daydreaming but with a more deep meaning.
A storm of thoughts every time.

That’s only when I’m alone, completely alone and away from everything.
Just taking some time off from the world.
So I’m only in my own imaginary world.
With music as my only company other than myself.

I’ve gotten more time.
The time I’ve always needed.
The break I’ve always wanted.
Myself I’ve always happened to have.

I like the world when it’s dark.
Stars shining everywhere I go.
Street lights to show me the way.
So I don’t get lost dreaming.

It’s been a while now since I’ve felt good being alone.
The music slowly disappeared, with reality taking it’s place.
Dreams got shorter, time got slower.
I’m still happy, I’m always happy.

Somehow I lost the time, the time lost me.
I couldn’t find a place for it to stay.
Still I have it, and it’s too much.
I couldn’t control it.

Tick Tock time got faster.
The world got slower.
Took over and destroyed you.
Followed you and told you what you should do.
I'm writing my feelings down,
to let people know how it feels to be me.
Midnight Madness Dec 2016
I'm trying to remember
the love that we once had

But now I'm only feeling
the pain that you have left
That one person:/
Midnight Madness Dec 2016
I'm surrounded by demons
In human form
and you are the devil
In angel form
This ain't my first poem, but it's the first one I've posted here (no ****)

— The End —