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Every night I go to my bed
It’s really hard for me to sleep
I can’t figure it out why is it
Because you’re like a sheep always in me

It’s the middle of the night already
That’s why I decide to write this
For me to fall asleep
And now I am asleep because of doing this

We saw each other
We are really sweet to each other
We care to each other
And we really love each other

I was thinking this is just a dream
And I don’t want to wake up anymore
Loving you in a dream is really hard
Because you just come into my mind
When I am going to sleep

I really cared for you from the very start
That’s why everyday is hurting me so bad
I’ve never ever even cross my mind
That I will fall in love with you

But you are always there behind
To catch me when I’m falling down
That’s why I realize that loving you is
The best thing that I can do
I don't remember how i wrote this, but anyway try to comment if its worth it:)) Thanks
I came home one day
and the driveway spoke to me.
Pulling me aside, out of the
calculated, necessary steps from
my car to the door,
and vice versa.

It told me of the snow,
and how it blanketed everything.
That trees and the branches were fine,
but the ground begged to be tucked in,
by the aimless wander of boots.

It pointed out the falling snowflakes.
And how each one had something different to say
as it carved its path downwards.
Illuminated by the Sun.

I heard of the Sun too.
How it not only made the flakes alive,
but everything. And everything is washed in it's light.
Like the patch of ground,
untouched by snow because of because of my car.
Or my home,
sighing with content, basking in the glow.

It let me know how sad it's been,
how sad everything here has been,
because of how little I've been listening.
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