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If I were a color I would be red.
Not a pointless, dull, fierce red.
But a loving, passionate, triumphant red.

I would show my color through sweet strawberries,
juicy pomegranates and fresh cherries.

I would de the color of love that could demolish hearts
and **** the soul.
Or revive the spirit and have a romantic time.

I would be an indispensable color.
Without it, life would be boring.
I am red, and proud of it.
My first poem ever. Written back in April '09
 Apr 2016 Lovey
gray rain
You cut yourself
you feel the pain
stuck in this cycle
and feel no shame

failing school
your life's a mess
and will soon
be just emptiness

smoking too much
and getting high everyday
I can't stop you
but I know what to say

you don't get help
you need too
if not for anyone
do it for you
I write you
all these poems
wanting to give them all
to you.
But I hold them back
and keep them
for the time being
because you are not ready.

But sometimes I wonder,
do you secretly write
songs about me
the way I not-so-secretly write
poems about you?
You drive me insane sometimes.
 Apr 2016 Lovey
a song
 Apr 2016 Lovey
All this time I've been searching
For a little bit of you
And a little bit of me
Singing in harmony.

But I found nothing good
In that boarded up mine,
Just rots and rinds
From a chewed up love.

And I think if I could lead you
Into somewhere new
I would've done it by now
I should've done it by now.
But you might be locked up
In this tired old town
That doesn't make a sound
With the rest of the maps.

It looks like you found another
A foreign lover
Or two
That makes I love you forever
Feel forever ago.
Oh why did you go?
Why does it feel like
I'm the one home alone?

How'd you steal away a world
And it make it seem so small?
Pack it down into your coat,
Shrunk with such resolve.

I don't know how you lost your way.
 Jul 2015 Lovey
Not that I've ever been empty
But you fill me
You fill me with more lust
And more love
And it feels like a gift from above

You fill me with more warmth
and more desire
That I'm in flames with fire

You fill  me with more passion and a considerable amount of speed
Which makes me confident
That I'm everything that you need

I am
I'm filled
With you
Drunk dangerous
 Jul 2015 Lovey
brandon nagley
All I knoweth
Is I canst stop writing for mi amour'
Though we're only friend's...
Being friends won't stop mine true love for her.
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