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Michelle Salamat Jan 2013
You will always be there for me,
and I love you for that.
I know I can always come back to you.
I never want to leave you,
but I have to.
You beg and plead that I stay,
but it does not change anything.
I have a life to live and I cannot live it while I'm with you.
But I think you should know,
that I think about you when you are not there.
You occupy my daydreams.
You interfere with my thoughts.
You invade my mind.
You are an addiction,
and I crave you.
I think I need help.
It's not healthy to want to be with you all day long.
I'm with you every chance I get.
This is damaging my health.
I need fresh air, sunshine.
But I cannot help it.
I love you more than I love anything else.
I love you, bed.
Michelle Salamat Jan 2013
It stares,
It glares,
It hovers in the air,
It lies,
It cries,
It makes happiness die,
It's the evil eye.
Michelle Salamat Jan 2013
Oppress, dictate
Forcing, ruling, wounding
It's an addiction we have
Michelle Salamat Jan 2013
A girl fell in love with a man,
who said that his first name was Stan,
They got into a fight,
In the middle of the night,
And he got out of the house and ran.

The girl called nine-one-one,
To report that there was someone
who hit her in the face,
and ran out of her place,
and that he could be carrying a gun.

Stan was hiding in a house,
that was infested with rats and a mouse.
he got taken to jail
and was denied any bail
and was charged for abusing his spouse.
Michelle Salamat Jan 2013
Life for Sale, it's as good as new!
Hasn't seen many years, only a few!
Last owner couldn't handle it,
She had a huge fit.
She yelled and cried and screamed,
A new life is what she dreamed.
So she gave up and put hers up for sale,
hoping her plan wouldn't fail.

Life for sale! Only seventeen dollars!
What deal! It's practically a steal!
I must warn potential buyers though, that there's some baggage that will be bestowed,
It isn't much, it's a small amount,
But beware, it will make you cry, shout and pout!
It's depressing, distressing, and it's worth confessing
That this life isn't perfect but it is a blessing.
Two parents, and a roof over it's head,
All that's missing is just a meal and a bed.

Life for sale! Seventeen dollars and ladies and gentlemen, this price isn't going any higher...wait,
What's that?
We have a buyer!

— The End —