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Michelle Rose May 23
I wish to write happy
about the time my ex brought me flowers and a hand written note about how much he loved me
And then I find my pen drooling
about how he left
every promise he ever made
and I find myself crying again
And I just wanted to write happy  
And think happy
I remember the people I love  
They’re all somehow missing
I can’t write happy

They live
in my darkness  

They’ll stay
Might edit these thoughts
  Apr 1 Michelle Rose
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
Silence engulfs my surroundings as I become lost in the numbing screams of my mind. It wanders to places I don't want to go.
Day 18 of quarantine and I am starting to fall back into old ways.
If I could I would smile
without thinking of you...

I wish I could love without feeling
my heart break

I wish I could heal.

I wish I could feel deeply
your touch.
Man, I wish the depth was still there.
Something so strong to me
is missing.

It feels so incredibly wrong,
to have that much emptiness
in the pit of my stomach,
in the back of my rib cage,
beneath my lungs.

It feels so wrong

that someone who hurt you that **** much,
could be loving someone else so strong.

with no regrets.
No pain or sympathy at all.
It beats me half to death.
-thinking of him.
I don’t know how to feel
without you.

I don’t know how to move
without you.

I am crippled.

You promised.

You said you’d never leave me.
You said you’d always be there.

You lied.

I don’t know how to live
without you.

I don’t think I can.
Jacob please,

come back.
#lost #love #hurt #pain #heartbreak
I spend most of my days dreaming
I wake up in nightmares

I spend most of my days dreaming

Drowning in the river
my eyes have made

Maybe one day he’ll see
how much he hurt me

Maybe the shock of the waters
would bring back
the love that we once had

Maybe the cold
would make him feel it again

I spend most of my nights
about the times he told me
he really did love me

And slowly

His words twist
and I remember the day
I woke up

“Maddie” he says
and my eyes start bleeding
They twist and they twist until I wake up


I spend most of my days dreaming
When I wake up

Turns out it was all a nightmare
I spend most of my days dreaming
It wasn’t...
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