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13.3k · Apr 2012
Michelle Graham Apr 2012
like a static shock i feel you
running up my spine
tingling the hair at the nape of my neck
something harsh and unexpected
but unexpectedly pleasant
snapping me back into the present
eyes freshly opened and wide
like a still from a movie
quaking on the bed
feeling my limbs tighten against you
something soft and yielding
but not fully, pressing back
pushing my core deep into the down
we fight for a moment
tearing at each other with teeth
with claws
with fists, open, closed,
before the tension breaks
and calm floods over us with
no slight pause, sending us both
reeling into oblivion, all extremities
stilled as we stare gasping into the
dark nothingness that surrounds us
heads thrown back and hands clasped
together as we slip away
floating no where, watching galaxies
being ****** into black holes
and stars exploding into limbo
before we find ourselves back
in bed, abruptly, chests heaving and
slick with sweat
where we try to put ourselves back together
2.2k · Dec 2011
Reality Paradox
Michelle Graham Dec 2011
Thick rustling deep in the dark of
Autumnal reveries, where the wind whistles through
The recesses of my mind
Dry leaves scattered in the fissures
Where we wander as I wonder
How reality is but a dream
1.3k · Feb 2012
Purposefully Vague
Michelle Graham Feb 2012
Here is where I find us
When I've had a few too many
Tossed back with no abandon in an attempt
To wash you away

Here is where I find you
Feeble drunken fumbling endeavors
In bed with someone whose name I can't recall
Hoping to forget

Here is where I find me
Head pounding as gray daylight pours in
Through my clouded mind
Knowing you'll remain
895 · Feb 2012
Oh, Honey
Michelle Graham Feb 2012
Like honey, cloyingly, sickeningly sweet
You cling, coagulated, dripping
Sticking and

I find you between my fingers
caught in the corners of my lips
Taste of clover stinging and

No matter how hard I
Try to scrub, clean, lick you away,
You remain ever present and

I find that I am helpless
Stuck solitary and motionless within
A candied cocoon
630 · Dec 2011
Michelle Graham Dec 2011
I delight in watching you eat yourself outside – in
Distinct, but intact, as we flicker and smolder as one
Bodies melting into the soil where we are so urgently aflame
The sigh of our ardor as we extinguish ourselves
Obliterating the world around us.
With you, it is a pleasure to burn.
568 · Dec 2011
Michelle Graham Dec 2011
Scenes captured
Eternity frozen in a glossy sheet
Windows to the soul unlocked
Opened to let the spring breeze filter through
And smiles shine
Behind poses
Awkward hugs or handshakes

Scenes captured
Seasons held in a paper cradle
Babies long since grown held
In dead relatives arms
Smiles wilt
From a time that has floated away
Through the open windows
535 · Dec 2011
Love is Like...
Michelle Graham Dec 2011
An intricate network of delicate lace
(muscles bound and sinews tangled)
Veins flowing straight to the heart
But without one thing this piece of art
Would fall
(twisted, knotted, a ruin of flesh)
A support system needed
To hold us together
Puzzle pieces perfectly molded
(a masterpiece of ivory mesh)
That even when broken, can mend

— The End —