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 Apr 2012 Michelle Graham
there is no breath when
you join my world, only
snug bundles of air ******
   between smiles

one of these days, I'm
living here
             listen (for me) like
people once read and
found reasons to grow
another few inches

(and to know) you
are the (fire's silver)


nobody is masterful
to the undoubtable "I
have a word for this", no
          someone should try


there is no breath, (no
pause) when you join my
              only a warped sense
of direction, a shift in gravity
joining, warming faces

do you feel me?
filled with verses, lost in words?


will we go together?

dream how the
days flame when you
join my world (and
    when you
            remember it)
warm and fuzzy feeling
I'm reeling this evening
in on a thread
of hope

— The End —