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Just sometimes trully 10% of ALL my time,
I feel old, sad, tired and lonely not so fine,
I just get peopled out 90% and then slowly feel the pull!
Christmas comes around i get to fill my need inside,full!
So then i get to engorge and stuff till enough is enough!
And wait for next year so i can be ready and not rebuff
Peace to all!
no not mine, was invited by the older son, seemed almost routine,
the rest, brother, mother and father let me fit in, in between!!!
They had there ups and downs, they got through it, with each other!
I watched and saw them, be there , let no-one fall, be for one another!
Then the oldest made a decision to depart, take himself far away
He took his life and the home became a house and there was no play!
In the four years and four months I see some difference, always pain
but the base of it,strong, still stands with cracks and some strain!!!!!!!
now the youngest has a career, a girl, a new life growing, a home maybe some hope
and he knows that the foundation his parents give will be there for him, help him cope!!!!!!!
to my adopted family, love!!! to sven and laura and your new life, there are no words to wish you all that wish you. XXXXXX
do not ask me....?
the level, reaction we have...?
we meet, strangers? but..?
trully happy to see you, speak,
like we know each other....?before?
life is hard, hurtfull, not fair and yet beautiful, amazing!
glad to see you in the flesh, it did me good!
for people i was not looking for, but touch my heart
this needs to hurt the worlds heart!
innocence thrown apart!
gone is the belief!
caregiver the thief!
build a wall, trusting no-one
isolation, help they will shun!

the question in there eyes!
is humanity going to rise!!?????
when is it enough, do we stand on the side
or do we shut it out, look away, let them be denied!!???
if you can feel,
SHOUT OUT, reveal!!!!
Stand up and protect
don't let this go unchecked!!!!
I need to THANK the people in this world that help, smile, a hand or food
that give without thought, stand bright
that do things without thinking, they bring miracles, doing what they do
being good, there heart shining, a light
the heart can be heavy with shadow of yesterday, some strangers pass by not seeing the darkness and pain
and then a 'grin' and a wish comes out of nowhere and knowing they are not alone, don't have to explain
the souls that are beacons, give hope and happiness because they can, not for possessions or money
I hope and wish you all well and your world filled with joy, your plates overflowing with good food and honey
and to the people who feel alone and afraid, not enough to eat or nothing to give
I can only say, you are not alone,  reach out and there is help, you have to reach out to live!!!!!!
to Everybody who has smiled at a stranger or given a helping hand. and to the alone people, there is a helping hand.
i am one of you i was helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wake to a blue sky and sunshine
Feeling not tired for once, but fine!
Clean my house, playing r+b and soul
Having fun, grab the mop on a role!
Dancing around here and there swinging along
Not lonely being alone singing whatever song
Finding a happy place, enjoying this moment, a little spent
Fresh and neat and enjoying a quiet time in my home, content!
Enjoy the moments thats are quiet without trouble. Enjoy just being!!!!!!!
I remember you from the past, but I had put it out of the way, far behind!
Where it belonged I had thought, got on with my life, out of mind!
You didn't know my life and I didn't know You!
Suddenly we met again, the put away important few!
The ones that know what I was like, a naughty,hurt little girl, also lost
mirror images of me, from decades past who will be there whatever the cost!
It's not money I am talking about, but the filling up, the feeling you get
They are there a couple of 1000 miles away, the other 3 sisters, you are set!
I am TRULY grateful I found you again knowing now I am not alone!
I can COUNT on my 'sisters' and they on me whatever the zone!
We have memories that collide and the most are parallel, hard fought some battles not won!
We are strong and can stand alone, but together I know we are a chain unbroken, never done!
I am overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope that plays in my head, what I can remember and what I feel!
I would love to find one more missing link to make us complete, knowing our strength would be pure steel!
hey loony Sistas this one is for you!!! xxxxxxxx
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