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Stuck in a cycle
We can’t break through

Cause I’m always all in
And you’re half out

Walking a tightrope
That’s about to snap

Right under our feet
And there’s no going back
Sometimes I see our reflection in the mirror
Sometimes I feel your hands around my waist
Sometimes I hear your voice whisper in my ear
But it’s always interrupted when I open my eyes
And realize you’re not there
I don’t feel like a very good mom
or a wife
or anything really
I feel more like a mediocre woman
just trying to get by
with no direction
I just wanted you to love me enough.
It’s 11:46 and you’re in my head
I keep writing about you
thinking about your lips on mine
and how my hand felt in yours

But instead it’s 11:46
and I’m all alone
in this big empty house
wishing you still loved me
I can’t pretend like I’m okay
With you sitting on my couch
And sleeping in my bed

I can’t pretend like I’m okay
With your indecision
And playing with my heart

But I really can’t pretend
like I don’t want you
with every fiber in my being

So please pretend that
I asked you to leave
And go on with your life
So that I can go on with mine
When we love, it's fire.
It's unstoppable.
It's breathtaking.
It's an electric current running down my spine.

When we fight, it's rain.
It's life stopping.
It's heart breaking.
It's a cloud on my heart that rips open every scar.
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