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Unraveled my Heart
Encircled my soul
Pulled in so deep
I could not see
How it would

*So pull me any
closer and I
can tell you
how it ends
i have a problem
i have a problem in that
i am again questioning
if i am allowed
a glass of juice
or if i should have had
three grapes instead of four
or if i am ever going to be
What happened to you?
You were a caretaker and lover.
You were kind and gentle.
But ever since February 8th, you've become bitter.
One death.
Two deaths.
Three is more than enough.
I'm sorry for your loss, but you must move on.
The world's been moving but all you do is sit.
You wait and wait
As if death is coming for you too.
And I can't sit here and do nothing.
I have to help but all you do is push me away.
You tear me down.
You've become a monster.
All I do is watch you
Slowly fade away.
I step on the scale
Only to be disappointed
pressing the tight muscles of my shoulders
hard against the stillness of the air

leaning into the melody and out of it again

my fingers not unlike grasping claws
trying to pull music from
a dead thing
that does not love me
the way
it used to.

you have robbed me of my music,
of the words that would
flow in elegant waves from my willing fingers,
refreshing as water but not nearly as

the melodies
that raised the veins in my neck
when i spoke them to the mirror
and the windshield,
that left me breathless
heart pounded
into the beautiful vortex of my
spired mind.

they're gone now.

and i'm left with a dead horse slung across both shoulders
and an albatross
around my neck.
This phenomenon does indeed
Circumvent logic and render the cliché
‘LOVE IS BLIND”….a defunct concept
Almost alien in societies replete with
People savouring the blows
Of emotional tug of wars.
It’s a thorn in the flesh…..
An enigma that’s so audacious
It dares defy the very essence of the human existence
Which undoubtedly is Human intellect
It surely does wreak sweet havoc
And leave in its wake
Irreversible destruction
Care not to be featured in its myriad “conquests
random reflections of a seemingly disgruntled soul
Her heart's on her sleeve.
Why should Cupid control her?
He's oblivious.
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