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Michael Lechner Nov 2018
Muted skies
the crunch of leaves
beneath my feet
honking geese

© Michael Lechner
Autumnal musings
Michael Lechner Oct 2017
in my office
leafs racing
the street
no clear
Autumnal Poem
Michael Lechner Oct 2017
Let us
meet somewhere
the gray clouds
of autumn
and the fading
summer sun
Liminal Seasonal Poem
Michael Lechner Oct 2017
I am
the wick
you are
the flame

the two

is there
any way
for the candle
of one soul
to burn?
Love Poem
Michael Lechner Oct 2017
the gray skies
of winter
are fast approaching
I can always find
the blue of summer
in your eyes
Autumnal Poem
Michael Lechner Oct 2017
Morning mist
the muted
gray sky
hides the sun
that clings
to summer's
fading heat
Autumnal Poem
I let go,
I lost my grip,
I couldn't hold on
any longer,

I felt my disappointed heart
break in two
when it became obvious
that I was no longer
"the strong her."

Whist falling I realised,
as my life flashed before my eyes,
that I regretted
the day that I surrendered my wings,
the very lifesaving things,
I, now, needed,

My soul shattered,
before hitting the ground,
knowing that I would meet my end

By Lady R.F  (C) 2017
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