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Michael Howard Mar 2015
I want to kiss until you fall asleep in my arms
I want to wake up next to your beautiful smile
I want to kiss your soul
I want to feel your heart
And know that it's mine

You make my heart warmer than the sun
You make my soul burn with desire
You make me the happiest man alive
Michael Howard Mar 2015
I want to feel your lips on my lips
Your skin on my skin
Your touch, so soft
I want to feel your heart beat with mine
I want to feel you breathe heavy with passion
I want your hand in mine
I want you
Michael Howard Mar 2015
My mind is drowned by the sight of you
My head is clouded by all the **** you put me through
I don't want to open my eyes
For fear of what's in store
Cause when I open my eyes
You'll be gone
Michael Howard Mar 2015
Would you even care if I died tonight?
Would you care if I took my own life?
I sit here and write these words with a gun to my head,
It would be so easy to just end it here,
But I can't
I can't because the thought of you would still haunt my dreams,
Even after I'm gone.
So continue to live your so called fairytale
And I'll do my best to wear a smile

— The End —