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386 · Oct 2014
Michael Oct 2014
They just don't get it
They never have they never will
Their shoes are just so ******* hard to fill
I'm not changing me to appease them
It's all a show and I'm thinkin
They'll never understand
They don't get who I am
Can't accept so I guess I'll have to accept that and just leave
*******, I hope your happy
Then I lock the door between us and toss the keys
Learn to accept the exceptional
382 · Sep 2014
Michael Sep 2014
And even as I keep saying "stop, don't do it"
It still happens
And there's nothing I can do
Except to keep resisting as I fade
320 · Dec 2014
Michael Dec 2014
Under the comforter still feeling the chills knowing the nightmares will come despite your will again and again till you run out of steam just looking for something on which you can lean, but you're out in the wilderness alone and unheard, all the shoulders are gone, it's cold out here when you're all on your own
249 · Sep 2014
Michael Sep 2014
They say they want someone to stay
You bravely volunteer
And once you get attached they brush you away
And now you always fear

They say they want someone who understands
Someone they can trust
You raise your hand again
And just like before you bust

You ask yourself "was I not good enough? I gave them what they asked"
Don't blame yourself my friend
Just leave it in the past

Then try again
211 · Sep 2014
Pain stays
Michael Sep 2014
The only emotion that always stays is pain it stains and it's hard to forget, love, laughter, happiness, why...
why does pain always stay when the others all die?
It's hard to keep the others when you're left all alone and because all of this many of us have simply become stones
196 · Nov 2014
Michael Nov 2014
Don't think that they don't see
Everyone sees
But guess what
They don't care
You're not bothering them

So when you find someone
Somebody who truly cares
Hold on

Don't let them go
181 · Oct 2014
Michael Oct 2014
It's feels so warm but turns me cold
Some call it cowardice some call it bold
But m not thinking about that when I do it
Just thinking I want more
That lighter is like door
165 · Sep 2014
Michael Sep 2014
Cut me up but don't let me die cause I like that pain and want it all time
It feels great to me and when no one else cares it seems that my pain is always there
The only one always there for me
142 · Sep 2014
Michael Sep 2014
If I could leave this life behind
I'd walk away and I'd be fine
But then I look down and sadly see
There are some who truly did care about me and what about the people
I left around the bend
For whom I, some nobody kid,  was their only real friend
I'm sorry I'm gone it's now a regret
I'm sorry I hurt you with my death
Some people really do care, don't go

— The End —