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My name is Chloe Jackson and I am a rising poet. I will soon be starting my youtube channel so wait up for that. Thank ...
Missouri    So close to love Yet not close enough♡ #Only #Wanderlust
Terri Josephine
20/F/San Angelo, TX    inhale, exhale, you're just fine.
Ashton Nance
27/F/Florida    I'm Ashton. I'm 27 years old. I've been writing poetry for years and have been searching for inspiration lately. You can follow me on Instagram ...
Jodey Ross
Stuart, FL    Hello. My name is Jodey. (Obviously) We live our lives the way the world says we should, and it goes like this. Birth, school, lover, ...
Megan Elliott
Earth    My name is Megan. Im not very good at this but i dont care

— The End —