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Michael Acosta Jul 2011
There's a story in your eyes
and written on your skin
of the things that you've seen
and done, battles lost, and won
There's a story in the silence
after you have spoken
words that you leave sleeping
while in your heart hope
and wonder and want wither
There's a story in the footsteps
long ago swept away
the ghost of them linger
whispering, begging you to stay
There's a story in the starlight
and when the moon rides high
of things lost and forgotten
waiting to be found
buried in our hearts and minds
like treasure in the ground
Michael Acosta Jun 2011
she wears her sexuality
like a badge
proudly, daring you to judge
laughing at your judgement
it stares out at you
through her soulful eyes
her face deceptively innocent
a sultry smile washes innocence away
her body, full and soft, seductive
calls to you, primal yearnings
her head bobs and dips, hips
swaying to her own rhythm
bruised remnants of passion
mark her skin, and make you want
to be the lips, the teeth, the tongue
the one who meets, and matches
in a dimly lit room, an unseen fire
roars, its heat felt, given into
her voice, her moans, her cries
the fire that you feed, that feeds you
©2011 Michael Acosta
Michael Acosta Feb 2011
I want to tell you
how much I miss you
but those words are
they don't bring to mind
a flower uprooted
cast deep into a cave
the once bright sun
a spark in the darkness
the cave of my own creation
how a fear of everything
brought me to self-isolation
how I struggle against it
and sink into it like a bog
how there are moments
of blinding brightness
lightning flashes in the darkness
I'm left with purple tinged after images
ghosts of what is real
©2011 Michael Acosta
Michael Acosta Nov 2010
the haloed moon hung in the sky
the woman cried and wondered why
her love had gone, gone far away
would he return, or her love betray
he'd speak to her of her lips so full
her sea green eyes, now shot with red
and now her heart was filled with dread
she dreamed of him, midst restless sleep
she'd given him her heart to keep
she'd never thought he the careless sort
to callously toss aside her love
but now he's gone, so far away
word once sent so often now gone astray
and her lone companion the ghostly moon
haloed in the cloudy sky and she asks
why, my love, oh why

The sky is clear the morn has come
the night is passed, her love still gone
yet still her love for him is strong
though silence has long held sway
she knows he thinks of her night and day
that if he could but find a way, word would come
her heart is heavy but her mind is clear
the man that she holds so dear, she knows
she knows, he would not stray
nor would he throw her heart away
time would pass, as time would do
he would return and their love renew

the seasons changed, summer turned fall
the coldness grew, the leaves tumbled all
she watched the west, where he had gone
and knew that now it would not be long
he wandered far and was long away
but with the snow she knew he'd come to stay
that in the frozen winter cold, she'd have her love
in her arms she would hold, and be held
and as the winter winds would howl she was sure
that he'd be there, to run his fingers through her hair
to press his lips hard against hers, warmth through the
frigid dark cold nights, it'd be worth all the wait

On the last day of fall, so cold no longer rain would drop
she watched the west for her loves return
a single snow flake fell from the sky, a tear matched it
from her eye, her eyes so blue just as the sea
and she wondered had he forgotten me
her heart, she thought would surely crack
frozen in the winters cold, when she heard someone approach
in her heart a spark did flare, was it him, was he there
she spun around, and ran up the path, not caring that
the branches slapped, and clung, she had to know
was her waiting done, was she now free from the loneliness
and would her lips once more know, the tender kiss
the heat that melts the snow, and so she ran, and soon will know
©2010 Michael Acosta
Michael Acosta Nov 2010
I love how your clothing
enfolds you, holds you
disguises yet reveals you
swaying curves, seductive
the tempting promise of yes
knowing what sweetness waits
my body responds eager
to the call of your lusciousness
the sultry turn of your lips
the rolling sway of your hips
how you use your finger tips
and when our bodies meet
the explosiveness and heat
for moments so complete
pleasurable pain, so very sweet
©2010 Michael Acosta
Michael Acosta Nov 2010
day light is fading
the night slowly comes
now you’ve gone away
my heart has stayed with you
and I feel a bit hollow
the stars sparkly brightly
but it’s not the same
and in the darkness
I wander, and whisper your name
for you to walk beside me
making even the night more bright
your hand in mine, by my side
and I wait for the day
when I get to sleep next to you
and wake up that way
and see your eyes sparkle
with the first light of day
©2010 Michael Acosta
Michael Acosta Sep 2010
I want to take you to the city
and put your name in lights
after spending the day seeing
all the touristy sights
I'll take you to a restaurant
We'll have the finest meal
music will be playing
you'd pick lobster over veal
I'd smile across the table
watching you decide
on cake instead of creme brulee
and of course instead of pie
there'd be women all around us
beauty of all sorts
and still my eyes stay on you
for no other can compare
none has your intense gaze
your lovely sea blue eyes
no lips can match your lusciousness
to me you rise above
We'd leave the restaurant
I'd see it in your eyes
disappointment for you thought it then
I'd saved the real surprise
We'd travel to a busy street
and walking hand in hand
I'd stop and kneel before you
look into your eyes
the lights would flash on behind me
The message beaming bright
I'd read to you a poem
trying to sum up in mere words
the reasons why I love you
and want you in my life
I'd ask you the question
If you would be my wife

I'd take you to the city
together we'd see the sights
we'd have a picnic in a park
we'd find a tree casting shade
and stare into the sky gazing at the clouds
and watch families stroll by
our hands clasped tight together
we'd speak our dreams aloud
the family that'd be ours someday
of a life well lived, the love we'd give
as night fell on the city, day fades away
we'd find a restaurant to eat a meal
and talk about our day
I'd feel the box in my pocket and wait
the moment would be right
I'd thought and planned and knew
tonight would be our night
you ate the cake, instead of pie
I watched you with a smile
the world around us faded out
reaching out to caress your face
to feel your so soft skin
the words I had prepared
seemed so very thin
we paid and leave into the night
the stars shining high above
I take your hand in mine
and we slowly walk
returning to where our day had begun
the lights are out, the park is dark
and then we see the glow, an island of light
we reach the center, there's a fountain
surrounded by a sea of candles
the water burbles happily
I kneel before you in this man made sea
the light it dances on your skin and I know
where to begin, with the love that I feel
and how your love has helped me heal
how I know my life is with you
and with a question I stake it all
be my love, my wife, my all
©2010 Michael Acosta
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