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  Mar 2017 Micah Sparrows
y i k e s
Faces painted with colors that make girl's skin pop out.
Eyes large and done up with circles around them
Coverup hiding the blemishes that grew out of stress and fear
Legs shaved and exposed under the beautiful gowns

Smiles grow on their faces when they see their date; dashing in suits and winsome smiles.
Small flower pins added to their beautiful dresses

The night is ready.

Legs spin around and around as they twirl, smiles in motions and hearts race.
Sweat lingers down their faces as their laughs grow more.

The night is ablaze.
Everyone is smiling.

But only one question lingers,
*"May I have this dance?"
my junior prom is tomorrow, wow.
One more day
One more chance
Say the word and we'll have this dance
Not my best....
  Sep 2016 Micah Sparrows
You beg
For his body
Against yours like his
Is pressed upon mine every
Day into the night, dirtily polite?"

No, but I stop and think
About the chances I had
With him all alone
That I've wasted
Dreaming of
I think I'm going mad
  Sep 2016 Micah Sparrows
Brooke Davis
I don't want to imagine you and her
hands intertwined
walking together in the dark concrete jungle
while I'm left alone on these cold dirt roads.

I can't imagine how you could ever
love a girl like me
that looks upon your past
with such jealousy.

And you wouldn't imagine
how one look in those eyes
makes me gravitate towards you
and forget those times
when you were
with her.
No need for jealousy
I only love you I promise
I don't love him I swear

Stop imagining things
Things I stop thinking,
Things I regret for happening.

The moments I spend with you
are far more beautiful.
I can't think of tomorrow
without your smile on the picture.
  Sep 2016 Micah Sparrows
Leelan Farhan
She swings upon her crooked pendulum,
her eyes burning with a scarlet fire.
Her white dress cannot mask what I know to be
her deepest and darkest desire.

  Sep 2016 Micah Sparrows
I watch the chatter of long time friends
The jealousy's blooming
It will never end
The thing that's always been there that refuses to let go
This ***** named jealousy is the only friend I know.
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