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Micaela Jun 21
we finally went swimming today,
(our first time
in two years)
and the whole time just felt
like a metaphor of

you flipped me,
dunked me,
grabbed me underwater,
told me to clutch
“that cute little nose”
and hold my breath—

so that i could be
brave enough to try
something exciting
that i was afraid of.

you do this every day;
in the water,

it was much more clear.
Micaela Jun 20
how the hell am i
supposed to focus on self love
when all my fiery feelings
are flicked out of me—headed
straight down to your

and god it feels good

can i help you blow out your self love too?
Micaela Jun 20
this is the hardest thing
letting someone else have
so much control
over my heart
because i love him

this is the best thing
letting someone else have
so much tenderness
for my heart
because i love him
Micaela Jun 20
i thought i loved to be alone.
by myself was where i stood steadfastly

but that changed
when we first nervously
drove to a bookstore
to browse
and talk
and finally feel
better about ourselves

i had no idea how much
i’d grow
or how much
i’d grow you

i thought i preferred to be alone
but now
i’m wilted without you near
Micaela Jun 20
i’m jealous of me
from an hour ago—
because i was the one
who got to be with you
an hour ago,

and now i’m not.

i’m jealous of me
from an hour ago—
because you kissed my nose
and you held me so close
an hour ago,

can we hang out tonight?
your run-of-the-mill kind of silly love poem because my boyfriend is at work and i miss him ******
Micaela Jun 20
it’s official—
i hate being alone.
this isn’t a poem
it’s words
i needed to say
my negative thoughts aren’t the best of company
Micaela Jun 20
why is it so immeasurably
heart cracking
to imagine you
loving someone
else before you
even knew me

do you ever think
about her or
are we,
we two,
the only two you imagine?

you wrote of pain
you wrote of deep pain
you wrote of lust
of deeper love

have i penetrated
you quite as thoroughly?

(or am i selfish for asking)
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