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mia 3d
walking cautiously next to the path
grass tickles the underside of my feet
i flinch
unable to stop the never ending
stream of time
i am frightened by
the possibilities that are
never ending
i notice that the sun is but
a dream
in this dark world
mia 5d
i was young young,
soon i'll be young old
and then i'll be old
and then i wont be
mia 5d
alone in the crowd
she sits sipping her water
it is stale
and the bread she nibbles on is too
she coughs
her chest heaving
the red tomato stays
lodged inside her throat
what a mediocre ending
for such a mediocre woman
  Jul 25 mia
When I painted
a picture of
my problems

it came out
as a
  Jun 5 mia
I baptized every corner of my room
with the holy tears i cried
over you.
mia Jun 5
roller coaster butterflies
a dash of objectively bad music
a hit or two
followed by highs & lows
sneaking out in the stale air
fire escape madness
mom jeans & smiles
both tinged pink with ice cream
with laughs floating in the summer breeze

that. that is what i live for.
mia May 23
some people drink
to remember

others drink
to forget

I drink
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