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 Mar 2014 mia
Sia Jane
People are thirsty,
thirsty for a sip of,
toxic blood,
no longer thirsty,
for knowledge of,
this world,
all they crave is,
the disruption of,
an already disjointed,
fallen space,
that they believe,
keeps them alive,
telling tales & lies of,
lost love filtering through,
hate & pain,
cutting like a knife,
another blow to the,
back & heart,
promising red roses,
that have thorns that,
don't shed a blood,
as deep as a dagger,
mutilated body,
resting in a place,
fleeing for safety,
adolescence & youth,
impart wisdom unlived,
nonsensical rumors,
how you dig,
your very own grave,
karma & revenge,
will eventually find,
your empty mind,
for you never took care,
to lose her mind,
monsters live inside us,
us & you,
inject her into abyss,
where you taste her blood,
not caring or knowing why,
this soul endlessly,
questions why,
you chose to,
make her die.

© Sia Jane
I love you Stef <3
I am tired of back stabbers hurting those I love without even a second thought to who they are killing with words.
 Feb 2014 mia
Adam Cummins
I sit here in silence,
Wondering only what could be,
There over there,
Staring back at me.

Those eyes appear,
Dark brown maybe?
Full of judgement & despair.
A plea so loud,
I care not to hear.

For when I do,
My stomach lurches,
My heart beats faster.
Distaste fills my mouth.

"Dinners ready" she calls.
It's time to start the lies.

"I'm coming" I reply,
"I'm starving" I lie.

As I walk away,
The eyes follow too,
A reflection so clear,
A self rejection so strong.
The struggle becomes real.
 Feb 2014 mia
Adam Cummins
I wake up,
To my surprise, I still breathe.
Truly a stump,
That I did not die.
For when I sleep,
I am short of breath.
A slumber so deep,
It is a brush with death.
Swept into its void,
Begging me to never awake.
To never return to my world destroyed,
And be left forsook.

Here I am lifted from the fog,
That is my sorrow.
An ever growing clog,
Filled with the constant echo.

Of my dying soul,
Penetrated by the ammunition.
Of the demons in the hellhole,
That is my reality now broken.
Shattered into glass,
That impales my skin.
A great agony nothing can surpass.

The blood runs through my pen,
As I write my impending doom,
If only my eyes could be sewn shut,
So I may no longer awake to this gloom.

And be forever wrapped in this net,
Where I may be set free,
No longer a prisoner of wretched deeds.
 Feb 2014 mia
Adam Cummins
I stood there thinking,
How it used to be,
Back in the day,
When we could be free.

The good times and the dark,
We're the same but for that spark,
In your eye when you'd smile,
Brightly and uniquely,
Much like your sense of style.

From fragile to strong you became,
Or so you like to think.
But I can see that deep inside,
You're weak.
Your vulnerability alongside
Your fake smile and your
Feigned positive attitude
Is an innocent little boy,
Crying out for help.

Though it happened so hard and fast,
I miss you more as we pass,
Through time and space,
Alone for now.
Reunited again we shall somehow

Be strong together at long last.

Old times can become new,
If only you knew how
To accept yourself,
For who you are,
Much stronger you'd become.

Finally I'd like to say,
Despite the past,
I'd like to fray.
Our cherished bond will remain for life,
Through inevitable strife,
That will occur because of fate,
I just have to say,

I will always be here for you.
Even though it kills me.
That one person..
 Oct 2013 mia
louis rams
this is for all the women

He used his tool and got it wet
And he had no regret.
If you play with matches you can get burned
This is the lesson they’ve yet to learn.
Her menstation came a bit late, and on the
Results she had to wait.
It came back positive just like she knew
Now there was something she had to do.
She confronted him with the news
His response was : “this child you must lose “.
I’m too young to be a dad- cause of a little fun we had “
Now the thought weighed heavy on her mind
Should I abort? Do I have the time?
There is a child growing in me, and taking its life
I just can’t see.
GOD has given me the most beautiful gift to man
Although this wasn’t a part of my plan.
I will raise him on my own, and to that dead beat dad
I’ll throw some stones.
A single parent living in a house all alone
No electricity and no phone.
Bill collectors at the door, has her wondering if she can
Hide any more.
She was abandoned during her pregnancy
With no friends or family.
The biggest lesson she had learned
Was when she had to work thru her full term.
He said he loved her and would always be there
When told she was pregnant – he didn’t care.
He had to fulfill his ****** desire, and she was there
To put out his fire.
How can some men be so cruel, and think all women are the fools.
He claimed the child wasn’t his , and walked away with a grin.
She had made a mistake, but was no fool
She learned a lot while in school.
She put the welfare system to full use
To stop this man and his abuse.
They hunted him down and checked his DNA
And now this man has to pay.
Now she has the last laugh
As he’s paying thru his ***.
 Oct 2013 mia
Michaela B
love came
 Oct 2013 mia
Michaela B
love came like a storm
love went like a flash flood

love came like the spring flowers
love went like the dead winter trees

love came like an old friend
love went like a new stranger

love came like the latest newspaper issue
love went like the oldest encyclopedia volume

love came fast
love went slow
 Aug 2013 mia
Sia Jane
Dream On
 Aug 2013 mia
Sia Jane
She was told from
an age so young
that she indeed possessed all
the magic she needed
within herself
to set
the worlds
to right.

She placed daisies in
her long black hair
and skipped to the beat of her
own made songs she sang to
herself each
and every
day she
was alive.

She was often alone
rarely with friends as
she found comfort in the faeries
she spoke and sang to while
the swing
blew her
hair in
her face.

She giggled when with her
only little sister to whom
she adored more than
each breath she took
each and
every day
even more.

She stood firm at home
never allowing her fathers
drunken words of pain
penetrate her self made wall
of anger, hatred and despair
inside her
mind there
stood angels.

She closed her eyes at night
wishing the demons to
disperse into the heavy winds
that howled through the rafters
reminding her
she was
infact alive.

© Sia Jane
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