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Mhmd elHalwani Jan 2014
Creeping voices in the night
Shadows lurking out of sight
Haunt me till the morning's light
No sleeping for me tonight

Looking at my bedroom door
My feet barely touch the floor
Something whispers down my core
Something that I can't ignore

Melted candles in my hand
Things I would not understand
My hope slips away like sand
This was not what I had planned

Slowly walking down the stairs
Feel a breeze sweep through my hair
Shadows lurk; in silence stare
Naked thoughts are all I wear

Out of breath I walk outside
Shaking fear that builds inside
No more places left to hide
Guilty thoughts of mine collide

Drenched in coward's blood and fear
I lost those who I held dear
It's all blurred, nothing is clear
Shadows from my past appear

As the silence speaks to me
Gets too loud it deafens me
My past will not leave me be
Pain and torment I foresee

Dazed and drawn by these lost souls
Broken thoughts I can't control
Ghosts slip through this gaping hole
Darkness has taken its toll

From the darkness dreams come out
Nightmares flailing all about
Closing in, I hear them shout
It's the end, I have no doubt

"What the hell is it you want?"
They retreat and me they taunt
One emerges, tall and gaunt
"Your life we will no more haunt."

"You have paid for your wrongdoing,"
He tells me, his voice booming
"This is now your redeeming
You are free." he says smiling

I look at the rising sun
I no longer have to run
My sentence is served and done
*The ghosts have finally gone.
Mhmd elHalwani Dec 2013
Stop, give it a second and recall,
These are the things you should understand
Cause the underestimated stance of awkward silence
Is a point worth making.

Now let's go back to the basics
Where the odds are worth taking
And the political value of a country is still real high
And the people there still have a voice.

Vox populi, la vois du peuple,
The silent scream in the brink of existence
Screeching on the walls of parliament
Waiting for a pair of ****** ears to understand
Why we cry.

Cry as the ****** reaches its end.
Cry as the world falls into the dark abyss
Cry as the abyss takes over the hearts
Children that hold guns for a greater good,
That's to no avail.

Tears that create holes in the ground
With the hundred meanings defying the laws of mankind.
Why you ask?
A question that leaps through the open windows
Of government-slash-dictatorship
Taking over the world

We. Will. Never. Escape.
Mhmd elHalwani Dec 2013
Finally the mirror's edge no longer cuts my heart,
I stare & glare at mirrors aware, I truly lost my heart,
Though I see myself no more; So strange I still see You,
She Said: " I'm sorry my love, It won't be enough, No matter what you do..."

The echoes of words I've said or heard shall dwell within my mind,
Tears of a curse that only gets worse shall swell and darken my light,
Even if it gets worse, this burden of a curse, will always flourish my love,
You Never Cease, To Always Please, The Sparkling Warmth In My Eyes...

It frightens me, how mirrors can be, so revealing to the truth,
And after all, I cannot fall, regardless of this truth,
My mind believes, that your words relieve, the pain inside my heart,
But My Soul Grieves, And Happiness Leaves, As You Slowly Rip It Apart...

These mirrors show, the pure raw glow, of my soul as it leaves my life,
My soul denies, the obvious lies, as my body quickly dies,
The reflection of my grave, as I turn into a slave, across the mirror flies,
As I Descend, And As Time Bends, I Only See Your Eyes...

Finally the mirror's edge no longer cuts my heart,
I stare & glare at mirrors aware, I truly lost my heart,
Though I see myself no more; So strange I still see You,
I Said: " I'm Sorry My Dear, It's All So Clear, I'll Never Stop Loving You..."
Mhmd elHalwani Dec 2013
The fingerprint-less hand reaches through the damp void
In search of another lucky prey.

Like a lottery, we wait for the fingers to come,
And relieve us from today.

Dismay, as the body forms so perfectly it makes you go

A jump of the spirit driving in a supercharged car
On open land going 2000 miles an hour.
Why not?

Why not find our ******* and sniffity sniff sniff
Until our eyes start speaking, our lips start listening
And our noses start looking for beauty?

A kiss on the cheek of a girl with her scotch in one hand
And the other wiping tears off while George Harrison's guitar
Gently weeps.

That swaying walk under the light of a street lamp in Venice
With creaking sounds in one ear, and the wind in the other
After a long moving night.

Find. Your. Sanctuary.

Find the essence of joy between nicotine & alcohol's love making noises
While adrenaline laughs in the other room
And fatigue is missing in action.

Hold your eyes closed, and wait for the sunrise
As your soul is locked with hers
And your smile is forever anxious
Displaying the reincarnation of the essence of joy
On both your faces.
Mhmd elHalwani Dec 2013
What is it, Really?

Is it an abstract state we reach when we achieve something?
A virtue spent avoiding the ***** of tomorrow while the sands of time sift through
This gaping hole.

A mole inside each and everyone's head.

Is it a fulfilled part of humanity where everything is just sanity
And this dilemma becomes a person who lives, & walks away?

And will that person ever become a joy in the end
Undone by all those spent virtues
For just a vacation?

A breather from all the stress, accumulated by the success
That became a mess

Just to prove a point.

**** me running, with the laws of the world
Stunning the harlot from today.

Time lapses while the world relaxes and the system
Just unfolds, on the better winding

But the real question remains, the phase that we relate to
The daze that crazes us while we smile;

What happens when we succeed and THEN sleep with the ******* of life?

Oh that *****,

Sadistic, realistic, ballistic, narcissistic,
A stick up the *** of everyone who smiled,

The seducing failure becomes a part of you
While you do what you never do
And you move when the world revolves.

And now in the end, the meanings that won't mend
The trend becomes collapse.

And your absent mind, becomes your reality.
Mhmd elHalwani Dec 2013
In theory, we're demoralized,
In practice, neutralized,
But with force we analyze
What happens around us.

Sanctimonious *******
Pulling our plastered limbs
To an ever lasting fight,
Against forces of evil? Where are we?!

Black veils on their faces
Dark tears in the traces
Marked by the graves that are left behind.

Apathetic pathetic pythons biting the bits and piecing the peace that pits you against your brother.

Pompous posers pushing pampered ideas into our polluted brains.

Anti-idealistic contenders competing for riches and a nice comfy throne.

Plausible pseudo-righteous imposers asking for an applause for all the ill-witted words they shed.

Rectify the wrong wriggled reason riddling wibble fed to feeble citizens.

We sit here waiting for divine intervention,
Well divinity's gone! Not to mention the tension,
All these factors and factions, the fact is we're dying, and they're not helping.

Something drives them, something we don't understand, but who has the guts to ask them what it is?

Our blood has become the dividend divided among the not-so-united lands that fall under a geographical, categorized country of hell.

In this hell we live in, we've become minions of liberal less-than-mediocre minds ironically not minding their own business, feeding off of ours.

Intertwined, undermined, understand the outer line, see the truth, feel the crime, freedom's yours. Freedom's mine.

— The End —