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We aware of our politics
and yet carry when bleeding,

Freedom's hand-blade cuts
the wings of the heart upon ascension.

She melds wisdom to a single pool
history: timeline-- rises the depth,

A sip: burns your fiend
a dive: fill your death with sweet drowning.

Where have you been
have you not heard?

Upon your death
they fixed your eyes with jewels.

Jim the lizard
tells me to dismantle in life's honor,

Chester the wolf
tells me to making a living while doing it.

She smiles
without reason,

Light pierces
the darkness.
Look up to the sky
                     the challenge
Robes attained flowing pure
edged with the symbol of blood
Clear love and soul singing beyond,
And boredom is forced to dance,
Love's fullness loose-- spreads to a body
An image, a show,
Communal hands efforts ascend a net
correct; "A blanket for your bed",
Life goes from moan to release,
You will see your true form
through the eyes of the world
A thin layer of shadow
drifts about visions
Gold-less or Godless
Consensual imprisonment
for non-consensual chains of existence
Eyes lay bright
above bodies burning.

Distraction is a game with death
The same way you shed yourself
for a quick smooth defeat in love
We could pull our weight for heaven
We'd rather pedestal our heart
on the melting descent of love.
Dawning is the centerfold
The heart,
And the stoic observe,
Joy shines when it dances.
Death is the centerfold
The heart,
The stoic; aware,
And joy shines when it dances;
Tearing at it's will and scarring itself.
Remind you; present soul
your embers hiding among ash.
Remind you; present feet
struggle to touch--
troubled with lonesome direction,
aimless in their grasp;
far from being graces' kiss.
Remind you; O sun
thy light a conquerer
reveal scars of existence.
Remind you; you
sleep not of tire, or escape,
rest as perfect reflection
and polish thy loves
to dull scars of existence.
Remind you; peace
like a dawn light folds
and ease thy fear.
Remind you; ancient wisdom
thy knowledge and fame
is as just its face
once your carrier is entombed.
Remind you; worlds
your's is just as doomed
as high love is fatal upon fall.
Remind you; words
as just comparison,
Renaming fear;
to truth.
And remind you; the road;
Thy road you are a spirit
of eternity.

— The End —