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 Jun 2020 Meysa
Alicia Moore
When the sun ultimately bleeds from its circumference,
We will burn
in beauty;
in grace.
 Jun 2020 Meysa
Dave Legalisa
you made
my lips
taste not
like cherry
but whiskey
i'm drunk since you left
I have kissed boys


People in between

But lately I have been kissing bottles

Their lips are colder than yours

But slowly I have realized that the pounding headache when I wake is less hurtful than the shattering in my chest

Yet as these toxins rush through my veins

I can't help but miss the tracing of your fingers along my skin

Miss the numbness of the world when you lie with me

But when I wake I remember that a headache is treated with an aspirin

While heartache

Well if you have a cure for Heartache let me know
 May 2020 Meysa
Out Of Line
 May 2020 Meysa
I made a mistake
I meant to be perfect

But I colored outside the lines
On purpose

I crossed the line
That meant to keep the lines inside

Because I'm not supposed to do it
 May 2020 Meysa
Dare I Write
 May 2020 Meysa
I stopped writing

For awhile.

Because I found that when I write
It’s so real.
It’s like hearing back my own words from the lips of someone wiser

Not from a broken child,
But from a bitter miser.
I am awake always
Painfully aware. I can’t sleep and I can’t quiet the noise in my head.
 May 2020 Meysa
Chris Saitta
Because stones do not pray, even in their centuries’ quiet,
Because the vines are long, only for the sake of length,
Not like the drab Orpheus-song that always up-ruins.
Because vestal Autumn is a bride of noon-time rain,
A faithful stream with her white mist of suffibulum,
Beside the path whose footprints are half-notes from the grave.
Suffibulum is the white veil of the vestal ******.
 May 2020 Meysa
You were in my dream last night
And Now
Every word I write
Is reminiscent
Of words you sighed
Into my skin.

I give myself
Mirror pep talks
To explain away
The way you stopped
and looked at me with words caught in your throat
Under the dimming bulbs of my parent’s porch

And I wish I could forget
Gentle as a sunset,
Your breath skimming my hands that night
Staining my skin under
Dying lights
And I can’t tell if I’m hurting right...
the things you love,

can exhaust you too.
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