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2d · 153
the cut
Prevost 2d
love can cut a wide swath
through one’s heart
4d · 31
Prevost 4d
The shovel pierces the ground
The sweat drips from my face
Darkness is closing in
The prying away, the lifting
I dig in silence
The grave deepens
Strange ritual
Why don’t we build pyres
for cats....

I am drenched in sweat
The dirt under my nails irks me
My knees are caked
I lay in my hammock
And message my friend
“Bob is in a better place now”
We say this in a few different ways
Until she goes silent

She is three thousand miles away
Receiving cancer treatments
And her cat Bob just died
I cannot fix this world
I can only dig graves
5d · 19
Haiku 14
Prevost 5d
Synapse finds it’s path
The page pulls words from the pen
The poet hungers
5d · 24
Prevost 5d
The split feather tatoo
I got in Chicago back in 97
I knew the artist from Sturgis
The year James forgot the “R” in Sturgis
And the guy went home with a “Stugis 95” tattoo
After she finished pounding the ink into my skin
It was well after midnight
And the endorphins were all played out
We went out for breakfast

A diner that the cabies used
Along with all the rags of people
who wandered through the night
Life tore off the edges
And replaced it with another at the center
Every few seconds
The hackneyed threadbare sullen
Surfeit in their staggering surrender
To an existence metered in minutes or millennia
All those souls falling into each other
Filling the poets veins

For the Lakota a split feather signifies
“Many Battles “
I had died enough but never died
I was no longer pretty
Or whole
To assuage that what kills
Just to stay alive
Sipping my coffee
Looking through the windows
Out into the collage of  concrete and humanity
It all made sense

Back out on the plains
I spit out the residue of my journey
The sun was setting
And my dust softly settled back to earth
I rubbed my new tatoo and smiled
As I sewed another page into my heart
A coyote sang his lonesome song
Somewhere behind me.....
Jan 8 · 171
Prevost Jan 8
Intense pulse
Heart flooded
(it is more than blood)

Gathering the fibers
Of her desire
In my mouth
I find her....

She said
“We’re never more alive
than when our flesh
touches this fire”
She has such beautiful contemplative desires....
Jan 6 · 139
The Lonely Distance
Prevost Jan 6

are too separated from their

Jan 3 · 61
Prevost Jan 3
Listening for the echoes
Of distant songs
That erode the canyon walls
Wandered in search of self

Rhythms and dances
To the rising
Held high in light
To celebrate one’s self

Words and chants
Drumming up the call
An ancient summons
Bringing back.... self
Jan 2 · 38
Prevost Jan 2
Borrowing into our hearts
until we reach our souls
from the cuttings
we glean truths
and poetry
and self....
Jan 1 · 392
Prevost Jan 1
I’ll put another thousand years
On our plate
And as we stand back
To watch it’s resolve
Can I say that I still love you

Falling through the tethers
I’ve severed so much
Of what we were
But I can still weep
When I think of us

Brutal supplications to what is not
Feed an empty scheme
How we arrange it’s contents
Only prays to the Gods of futility
The heart learns to no longer yearn

In this beautiful nothingness
I place one step before the next
And each heartbeat is mine
But I can still weep
When I think of us
Many lives... perhaps with the same love.
Dec 2020 · 42
Two Thousand and Twenty
Prevost Dec 2020
A number
A segment
For it is tethered
to both ends of infinity
And yet....

Two thousand and twenty
Thanks to all you great poets and poetesses in here. Such a refuge....
Dec 2020 · 485
Prevost Dec 2020
A gentle rain
In dry season
Liberating dust from leaf
Set free
Washed clean
Back to earth
Dec 2020 · 251
The Waking
Prevost Dec 2020
A waking
From the repast of rest
Where we fall into worlds
Where we walk into rooms
Lives lived unknowingly

Her kiss was sweet
Gentle but with edges of abandon
Perhaps taboo was the bond
Or the purpose
My mind raced at what we were doing

As she dressed
She smiled
Nothing more beautiful
Than a woman confident in her desires
I reached out to touch her
As she diffused

The waking....
Nov 2020 · 79
Prevost Nov 2020
Pulling out and sorting out
The memories embedded in this flesh
What I was and what I was not
Peel away to an essence
Equal in measure
To a past and to a future

We are not clocks
Ticking measured segments away
The scales and rulers
That we portion our lives with
Fail at the feet of Infinity
The god of all time

I will cast myself
Out into this day
Holding open time
Pulling from my sea
Less what is measured
Than what is
Nov 2020 · 91
Prevost Nov 2020
The rain has washed us
And it has taken some of us
It has traded us furnishings for mud
And the bridge at San Fernando
Is heading out to sea
Nov 2020 · 36
Prevost Nov 2020

At what decibel does the scream
Awaken the sleepless soul
Betrayed beyond any justice
The millions who’s blood
Drained from their lives
As the world changed
For the better

I am sick at heart
For the sleepless soul
Ignorance the most lethal drug
Offered at despotic discounts
A hundred thousand years from now
Will I finally dance on the grave
Of injustice
Oct 2020 · 158
Prevost Oct 2020
Across the canyons and rivers
Of your existence
Past the heartbeats suspended
The nights stretched out
Into insufferable dawns
The etchings that trace out the scars
Of what left you what you are
All those faces and hearts
That you were
Crossing those landscapes
Of love twisted into shapes
That bound your heart
Unable to breath
Or see

In cavernous darkness
The needle finds its way
Through the fibers stretched out from birth
That falling crumbled moment
Pushing in a temporary evisceration of a reality
Arrogated by the coldness
Of what human does to human
Torn shreds of something as simple and pure
As love
But, as the needle withdraws
Its tennicles and barbs
Pull along with it
Your soul

Out of cavernous darkness
Gathering up self
Pushing back the days
Pulling in the light
The fragments lay across my landscape
Perhaps they were the sculptures tools
Shaping me as I am today
It matters not
It is only the light
That matters now....
Oct 2020 · 77
Prevost Oct 2020
i wish there was a way to
not love someone
Oct 2020 · 103
A Single Breath
Prevost Oct 2020
La tierra está triste
ella está llorando

The bleeding earth asked
In solemn prayer
Embracing the knees of existence
“the human knows not of what feeds,
my wounds are deep
and my life is quickly bleeding away
can you send a gift of knowledge”
So existence bowed its head

Humans were sent a message
That a crowned invader
Could touch every human breath
A tie that binds a reality
Of life or death to every drawn breath
That if humans came together
If they learned that they only needed so much
That Brother was Brother
And Sister was Sister
That love is the blood of life
That they share that same blood
That earth and human are a whole
That we could reset this whole madness

Where rivers choke in the excess
Where oceans drown in the excess
Where the land is ***** by the excess
Where the mind is distorted by the excess
Where the human starves in excess
Where love is lost in the excess

And for a brief moment
The madness quieted
One single breath was shared
Brother was Brother
Sister was Sister

And earth said
“now can you see
that we are one”
But the human said
No it is a plot
To rob me of my freedom
I am entitled  
I am the greater god
I love the excess
More than you....
Oct 2020 · 310
Heart Full Of Rags
Prevost Oct 2020
Heart full of rags
And a pocket full of lies
He said there’s not enough here
To save all those lives

On the corner stands that old man
Selling off your dreams
When you look to the future
Just how does she seem

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To be alive

Of Lies and a man
And his reckless din
As he stands there screaming
At the coming wind

And what he squandered
Is what we lose
As he stands there screaming
Screaming at the truth

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To be alive

Shriveled up heart
Shriveled up soul
The king has spoken
The words so cold

And the minions that follow
Well they’re digging our graves
It helps not to care
What more can you say

Well we all got something
Something inside
Yeah we all got a reason
To stay alive
Lyrics to my latest song, "Heart Full Of Rags"
Oct 2020 · 59
Love’s Autumn
Prevost Oct 2020
As the tree sheds the leaf
The tree remains
As life sheds the lovers
Love remains
Oct 2020 · 25
Prevost Oct 2020
Beneath her skin
Striated lines of time
The the calm resolve
Of fiber reaching fiber
I kneel at her roots

Tossed distant
To a beckoning wind
Where we collide
Will against grace
And the molten heart

The scent of reflection
Turning the pages
Hieroglyphic languages
Untether a soul
I breath

The furrow aches
The breezes grasp
Peeling away thought
Seeding fruition into the fold
I calm
Oct 2020 · 256
Prevost Oct 2020
Has no equal
Light will conquer dark

Has no equal
Love will conquer hate

Light and Love
In your heart
A juxtaposition to “What”.
Sep 2020 · 120
Prevost Sep 2020
What were the whispers
Before the rage
Crested their horizons

What siren called
What portents screamed
Before the blood ran

What seed
What progenitor
Poisoned truth

What tore
What separated
Human from human

What replaced
Love with hate
I am compelled....
Sep 2020 · 112
Prevost Sep 2020
I imagine poets sitting in bed
Crumpled blankets and flannel
Untidy hair and untidy thoughts
I imagine poets laying in bed
Knowing that foot to floor
Is the surrender, again
The rush of the world
That rips away the poet’s palette
I imagine poets refusing to surrender
Writing poems
On how the blankets lay in repose....
Sep 2020 · 49
Prevost Sep 2020
I imagine poets drinking coffee
In the morning
Maybe tea, or whiskey, or ***
I imagine paper curled on edges
A pen laying at angle
The dust of the page’s fibers floating
Through the shaft of sunlight that
Traveled ninety three million miles
To pause a poets thoughts
And to reveal that dust
Is a poem
Sep 2020 · 90
Haiku 13-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
World swaying in time
Breezes push and pull the cool
Hammock set adrift
Sep 2020 · 428
Weathered Portraits
Prevost Sep 2020
Weathered soul of wood
Grayed frame leaning downwind
Emptied of purpose
By dreams torn from dreamers

The sky’s palette of grays and more grays
Hang you in a portrait
Themed in the abandoned
And the cruelty of time

Yet my presence holds her un abandoned
I brush what she was and what she is
In a portrait that I hang in my mind
In these moments.... that castrates time
#oldhouses #weathered #portraits
Sep 2020 · 127
Prevost Sep 2020
I built a tiny altar
Of sticks, leaves, sage and prairie anisé
It was out East of the house
Not far from Crawford’s old homestead
Where the ghosts of broken dreams
Hung in the breezes
I did not know why I had wandered there
Ñor why I had arranged
The articles of earth
For her

She had come to me
As I was walking
Her presence descending
Warming the day’s chill
I saw her smile
Then I knew
The men who had taken her
Back through the door with the round window
Were not going to bring her back
They could not bring her back

Her smile was the softest thing
I had ever witnessed in the world
Her voice moved through my soul
The world stopped turning
The wind hushed
The prairie turned up her edges
to hold us alone together
“Oh my dear brother,
I’m still with you,
“You know....It’s beautiful here”
When I was five years old my little sister died of brain cancer. These four poems, “Curls” “My Little Sister “ “Hail Mary” and “Altars” revisit that time through an adult’s words. Thanks for reading....
Sep 2020 · 40
Hail Mary
Prevost Sep 2020
The house was her tomb
Afternoons with the sun trying
To pierce the shroud
My mother clutching
  Rosary beads
And her heart

I could not be a child
Self derision in such wants
Laying in deaths’ bed
I can still smell the blankets
Musty clean with the scent
Of freshly fallen tears

The clock could not find
Its next beat
The house could not sleep
We wandered with her through the halls
Looking for a God
Who would love us

“Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord be with thee
Blessed art thou amongst women
And blessed is the fruit
Of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
And at the hour of her death....”
When I was five years old my little sister died of brain cancer. These four poems, “Curls” “My Little Sister “ “Hail Mary” and “Altars” revisit that time through an adult’s words. Thanks for reading....
Sep 2020 · 72
Little Sister
Prevost Sep 2020
There were round windows
On the doors of the funeral home
And the one in the back
That always swung shut
That’s where they kept
My little sister

Her casket was dull grey
With a complicated mechanism beneath
To wheel her about
Through the door with the round window
Where they kept
My little sister

I did not know
Why we didn’t just bring her home
It seemed so simple
Once she was home
The tears would stop falling
For my little sister
When I was five years old my little sister died of brain cancer. These four poems, “Curls” “My Little Sister “ “Hail Mary” and “Altars” revisit that time through an adult’s words. Thanks for reading....
Sep 2020 · 70
Prevost Sep 2020
Her curls were blond
Softer than the world
She had entered

The last time she came home
The sutures were pronounced in
reds and blues

She would sit and stare
I would try to make her stuffed animals
Bring her back to life

Her curls were blond
Softer than the world
She left
When I was five years old my little sister died of brain cancer. These four poems, “Curls” “My Little Sister “ “Hail Mary” and “Altars” revisit that time through an adult’s words. Thanks for reading....
Sep 2020 · 27
Haiku 12-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
Leaves bold against Sol
Breezes wander through softly
Head rests against bark
Sep 2020 · 1.1k
Haiku 11-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
The jungle quiets
Eyes of the sky looking down
Her tears start to fall
Sep 2020 · 72
Was There Something
Prevost Sep 2020
Was there something I was not supposed to be
Standing tattered against an abrasive wind
The sandblast nature of living that shapes
the sculpted figure that stands within our mind
Which tears washed away the cuttings
and which cut the structure of my soul
Tethered as much to a past as we are to a future
Perhaps what is strewn behind us
is also strewn out ahead of us
This imperfect assemblage of matter and ethos
The pains and the joys woven together as strands
of a web that truss both heart and soul
Was there something I was not supposed to be....
Sep 2020 · 69
The Pen
Prevost Sep 2020
Words are the cheapest ******* thing on the planet
Yet within the pen of a poet
They offer riches to the heart, mind and soul
The give and take of a poem
Perspective of angles and of voice
What echos inside, sometimes with force
Flows through the pen and bleeds out onto the pages of life....
Sep 2020 · 121
The Sun
Prevost Sep 2020
Some people don’t want the sun

Is a drug
That rushes through their veins
Coursing into the mind
Crowding out the space
Between perception and reality

Creates the despot
Of entitlement
Staking a claim
That disavows
Thy neighbor

I love the sun....
Sep 2020 · 100
Haiku 10-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
Crushing weight combines
Product races to blue dot
Sun caresses leaf
Sep 2020 · 37
The Woods VI
Prevost Sep 2020
The moon reached down
through the canopy
Her silver soft voice whispered
As she bathed us in
The light she borrows from the sun
To eliminate us our souls

The soul walks naked
From the relentless and futile graspings of human
White gold light dances on my skin
Her caressings lead me
Deeper into solitude
I peel away this skin
And surrender to being mere elements

And still her silver soft voice whispers
“I will hold you in light “
“Just be”
A walk through the jungle last night....
Sep 2020 · 504
Haiku 9-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
Prehensile ballet through branches
Watchful eyes of dominant one
Grasping tender shoots
Watching the monkeys forage this morning.
Sep 2020 · 34
Haiku 8-2020
Prevost Sep 2020
Tilted head listens on branch
Calls echoes through flora
Winged flight to next branch
Aug 2020 · 50
For Hours Now
Prevost Aug 2020
It has been raining for hours now
It comes as the waves do on the shore
The crescendos and lulls
Unpredictable the rhythm
Of this symphony
The conductor is Gaia’s will

I stare out the kitchen window
A pause watching the drops hitting the earth
Infinity dances and reigns
More than a hundred million gallons
For every square mile so far

I sense the rivers swelling
Will Saul’s house be ok?
My driveway is too slick to climb
I cannot leave
To help lift his refrigerator up into the loft
He will smile when he tells me about it later

We are driven into our own makings
I love this force of nature
Yet I fear this force of nature
Making us nothing against her will
The metal roof reverberates
Her mantra

We hunker
Watching the show
Even the cats surrender
Two on the fridge
One in the basket on microwave
I sip my coffee....
Aug 2020 · 305
The Woods V
Prevost Aug 2020
Quiet sunlight falls through this mosaic ceiling
The tendrils of life dance slowly
With grace they kiss the underworld
Nothing is forgotten here

My breath is cautious
My heart whispers
Quieter yet quieter we become
Listening to the music of such silence....
Aug 2020 · 339
Be This
Prevost Aug 2020
It is a pause that allows a summation of
All that you have been and all that you will be
Drawing together every breath and dream
Only at the fingertips of your existence
Not in grasp... but to touch
A knowing
Be this beauty
Aug 2020 · 67
Haiku 7-2020
Prevost Aug 2020
Losing its grasp
The clouds recede
It falls into earth
#raindrops #haiku
Aug 2020 · 384
The Woods IV
Prevost Aug 2020
The rains wash the limbs
Dripping from fingers
I feel it seep into your souls
The sky gods love you
Even more this morning

You waste not one drop
That which you do not need
You share with the soil
With the children
With mother

There is such peace
Watching as you bathe
This unison of elements
And so I cleanse myself
Into all of this....
Aug 2020 · 64
Prevost Aug 2020
Once I tried to fix the world
By helping an old man
Carry sea water up the a hill
I had watched his toil
From my throne of plenty
Breakfast for dimes
in impoverished Guatemala

I did not know what he used the saltwater for
Nor did it matter
Watching his fragile worn frame
Grasping the ropes with his sun baked hands
The arc of his spine
The weight of the world
In those two buckets

I wanted to pull all of humanity
Over to him
And lift the ocean to his needs
And when he stood in respite
I grabbed the ropes
He looked through me...past me
His bitter eyes told of his Ubiquitous story

“You come.... and then you go”
(Because “you” can)
“What weight have you forever lifted”
He suffered me
As he walked
With the fool who thought
He could fix the world
Inspired by “Striking Moments” by Sarita Aditya Verma
Aug 2020 · 53
Haiku 6-2020
Prevost Aug 2020
Into the womb of earth slipped
Patience and rain
Cucumber sandwiches
Aug 2020 · 43
The Woods III
Prevost Aug 2020
What winds stretched you to your height
Your fibers calling down to roots
Such nurturing in tireless unison
The beauty of simply... being
Revealing the frailty of human

Your skin speaks of patience
No armor posses such wisdom
You hold your face eternal
Unbending to any juxtaposition
The human bleeds vanity

And through your sprawling limbs and fingers
Time only is, it does not measure
You fear not the cycle that gives life
When earth you again become you give freely
Human expend life, fearing the grave

Your leaves dance a dance
None can ever match
Grace as you draw to and fro
Brushing the sky clean
This human trembles in wonder....
Aug 2020 · 42
Prevost Aug 2020
Walking through the soul of humanity
I weep tears
“the tears of the world are a constant quantity”
and so that endless river flows
never to kiss a forgiving sea

The arrows of time
sometimes turn back
and tear through the flesh of your past
and you are left there bleeding

I split open this
what floods in
is this world
how human twists beauty into the shapes
distorted and damaged

Failing is the I
love and kisses and embraces
never even find
the deepest part of the cuts

Screaming at the worthless I
incapable of sewing back together
the legs and arms and hearts
and dreams and lips and hopes and lives

Walking through the soul of humanity
I weep tears
“the tears of the world are of constant quantity”
and so that endless river flows
never to kiss a healing sea

The arrows of time
sometimes turn back
and tear through the flesh of the past
and they are left there bleeding
For all the broken ones I have loved.

"the tears of the world are a constant quantity" from Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"
Aug 2020 · 211
One Step
Prevost Aug 2020
The edge
Where this
Meets that
This is where you stand
And it cannot feed any longer
That is only a step away
But in that one step
There are a thousand increments
The car, the cats, the money, the apartment, the friends, the families, the pain, the selfishness, the tears, the doubt, the time, the love....
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