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Nov 23 · 65
Precious Soul
Prevost Nov 23
What it is that derives from us
Remains small
Stashed in dusty corners that are cluttered
with history and unread poems
We call on something within ourselves
To weave the entropy into a fabric
that we can wear throughout our existence,
colored it would be, but neutral in what it would evoke,
keeping us warm when the vicious winds
of love and hate rage through our village.
And yet…. allowing the coolness of joy to permeate into our souls
when such is laid before us.

Tender we are in these moments
Less than something
The sum of which is incongruent to truth
And our beauty
On that last page where we traded away our child heart
For the recognition of being something
We never wanted to be
Why did we ever cut our hair
The dirt at the bottom of our feet
Were prayers of acknowledgment
Grateful for how the gods assembled us
Tender and beautiful we are

The stars cross the sky to get a glimpse
Of this creation of duality
Flesh and soul
The spirit sings while the corporeal begs for its fodder
We are juxtaposed against harsh sky
Lifetimes ago we came to understand
The gods must remain indifferent to their creation
For the two must become one
They say the sun has a drumbeat in her heart
This is how the two learn to dance
Shedding the skins assigned to us
We are tender children here

This rational disordering
Pulls from the hollow
And makes love to these words
As we sacrifice ourselves
On alters hewn from
The roots and branches of our dreams
And yet the ashes are rejected by both the heavens and the hells
Could we not sip from this life ….the ambrosia
Equally ours as theirs
Did you know that a billion trillion stars love you
We are a precious gift that they gave themselves
For it is the soul, the soul, the soul…..oh precious soul
Jul 26 · 66
Washes Away
Prevost Jul 26
The sand washes away when the ocean touches me
But nothing really washes away
I walk distances from something
It is you, but I didn’t want it to be you
There is a moon somewhere that we carved our initials on
If I looked for it
It would only put me in the docket of fools
Nothing really washes away
I’ve learned ******* memory before
But this heart is too worn out now
I will construct a point that holds all things still
And reference it when I start to fall
Nothing really washes away
Jul 25 · 34
Prevost Jul 25
I was the tender shoot of grass that spring
Brought from the darkened earth
I reached for the sun as if it were
The wellspring of love
Too young to know what
The crime of wanting to be loved would be

The seeds scatter in the wind
The segments of dreams torn from dreams
Fruition is callused and naked
Winter drives us back into the earth
Yet with each heartbeat
We wait for what hope is found in the spring….
Jun 2 · 78
Prevost Jun 2
The meat grinder component of loving someone….
Good thing there’s still *** in my glass….
May 23 · 175
Prevost May 23
The comfort of understanding
That you’ll never be understood
May 22 · 138
The Shape of Love
Prevost May 22
Praying for the forgiveness
For being born

What is this surrender
That betrays the heart
Love too often uttered
By mere dreams
Only dreams

Does this jester soul
Cut the shape of you
Into this touchless entropic

A single barren tree
A single winding road
A single barren heart

Praying for the forgiveness
For being born
Apr 28 · 65
Prevost Apr 28
unearthed from the wood
witnessing the light the bleeds into the soul of man

in the fragrance of earth and bone
I tasted the distilled essence of we

bitter and alone the blood wine stood
the tongue shuddered at the knowing

distant heartbeats roared
the fallen still laying there

at every crest
at every nightfall

and we
both abhorrent and beautiful
grew calluses and moss
crawling back amongst the wood
Apr 24 · 114
Prevost Apr 24
I…. the dichotomy
the brutal staggering darkened scarred poet
who cannot love that songbird enough
Feb 24 · 413
Prevost Feb 24
We are entrusted with a brutal existence
Left to reconfigure realty
In a way
That allow a few hours sleep….
Feb 20 · 185
Prevost Feb 20
my heart pours out like water
I am frozen in the time we had
and shattered by what we no longer have
my heart is melted
by the tears in your voice
I gave birth to your pain
Nothing I am…. can heal
I am the dust that the winds are blowing from your life

Jan 24 · 148
Shed the Skin
Prevost Jan 24

the heart thuds in a distance
that keeps this unreal
the pain and doubt
are too real to breath
to feel

what lays on the other side
is this whole again
a soul that breathes
in morning and night

shed the skin
shed the touch
shed the tears
shed the dreams
shed the fight
Jan 13 · 62
A Poem
Prevost Jan 13
I know *** isn’t going to solve this
but some nights it helps
how do pull yourself out of ten years of caring
for a human whom is now killing you
I think they write books about this ****
but I know it is just up to me
I’m sure that at the bottom of this bottle
I will do what I must
and call this a poem…
Jan 10 · 267
here you go
Prevost Jan 10
halfway to existence
someone says
here you go….
Jan 10 · 67
Prevost Jan 10
I was born the product of two broken souls
my mother held the beauty of living alive
yet she only pushed away the pain
my father, too injured by humanity
cut me to the pieces
what is good about me came from my mother
what is strong about me comes from my father
I have no complaints….
Jan 8 · 52
Prevost Jan 8
girl…. you and I always knew the edge was close
we always teetered
gasping our breath at every breeze
this was no common **** story
frayed fragmented fear found us frothing
for this entangled mass
of passion and sweat
driving ourselves deeper with each
stroke of this swollen brush
reaching into the drip wet nights
and afternoons
living and dying all in one hard driving ******
of an existential existence
thus laying fertile the fodders of
of beauty and its pain

for how could one grasp so much
as their own
the vastness would beg to differ
as to our meager needs
of love
perhaps…. she said
it is simply getting ******
that is real
for our love
betrays everything the soul
hungers for

except……(the moon softly whispered)
for the one deeply harbored truth….
you see…. the constituent element of the soul is
Jan 7 · 51
Prevost Jan 7
I was gentle in my dust trodden world
but the echos of the treachery of living
filled the unheard
both gravedigger and poet held a tether
suspending me in the aether
between my flesh and my spirit

calmer when winds blew
and echos were pushed across the hills
to a distant chamber
the taste of the dust was truth to me
I played with the poet
and set my spirit free
Jan 6 · 41
Bob Carey
Prevost Jan 6
Bob Carrey drank his coffee
out of an old tin can
the faded label said sweet corn
it was a mystery to me
he had this way of acknowledging
and dismissing you at the same time

he lived with Gloria and Richard Hier
all part of the mystery
but young people
needed guidance
I suppose

he listened to the Twins games
on an old transistor radio
he tucked it in his breast pocket
with the cord strung out ahead of him

when I get up to mix another drink
I put my iPhone in my breast pocket
keeping Spotify alive
the cord of my earbuds protrude out before me
I become Bob Carrey
I could give a **** about the Twins score
but Lucinda Williams
well …you know
Jan 6 · 42
Prevost Jan 6
the social skills of indifference
are difficult
self generated algorithms
tend to fail
if one is be true to thy owns self
it does not take away from the beauty of these poets
and this site
Jan 2 · 28
The Shape of a Tear
Prevost Jan 2
my tears have shaped me
they have cut the edges of my heart
that finds beauty rattling around
in the places deemed
too broken to know

my tears have cut the canyons
that echo
the songs and screams
of my knowing how deep this life
can cut

my tears have watered the gardens
where someone still plants hope
even though hope is something I avoid
but offering it drought
would be the shape of something cruel

tears the blood of soul
running from my eyes
across the landscape that is I
washing the wounds suffered
and the scars I have won
Jan 2 · 278
Prevost Jan 2
if we are alone
then live alone
what of you believes
what myth tethers you
to the hunt
is the kiss that deep
what do we betray
when we lay in beds
with lovers we do not know
or can ever know

the voices too thick
the heart too pure
for the war between
alone or not alone
and some cold winds
remind us
that we were all born alone
Dec 2021 · 34
Prevost Dec 2021
I spent my last hundred dollars
On a really nice leather wallet

Dec 2021 · 236
Coffee Grounds
Prevost Dec 2021
Coffee grounds
Grounds for divorce
Ground up bits of your soul
Offered up in trade
For your freedom
Nov 2021 · 61
Another Sip
Prevost Nov 2021
a word farmer drinking ***
in a jungle
smiling back at his pain

the ocean pounds the shore
his heart feels her power
and beauty

the trees sway in rhythm
with the hammock
he takes another sip
Nov 2021 · 91
Prevost Nov 2021
the banister was the barrier
looking down on my world dissolving

my progenitors
at war with themselves
and the entropy of the world

but then
the rising sun offered some promise
mistrust becomes a drug
repudiation sustains

was it arrogated
or torn

a thousand thousand years from now
will the pain exist
and ten trillion years from now
will existence still exist
Nov 2021 · 195
Prevost Nov 2021
refuge my heart
the storm drives me
this world of love and pain
am I hungry enough
to thirst for truth
do her heartbeats still
reverberate within the walls of my soul
am I desiccated enough to
forget her
refuge my heart
Nov 2021 · 56
Prevost Nov 2021
Some souls are looking for love
Some souls are looking for peace
Some souls are looking for nothingness
Some souls are looking for their gods
Perhaps there is a soul that is still looking for me….
Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Prevost Nov 2021
Some hearts are deserts
Nov 2021 · 61
Prevost Nov 2021
I used to sit and watch them drink
the prairie had sculpted lines in their faces
that told tales of time and its erosion
and how every dry wind
became the sculptors chisel
their dirt stories resurfaced as a
prelude to old scars and pain
and some of the things I heard… hurt
they kept pushing money across the bar
and drank more than whiskey back
I order another for my old friend and I
he drinks his quickly as if it were something precious
then he tells me an old ***** thirties story
he heard in the old bar
the one that stood here before this one
he talked until the wind outside made him mad again
I dug out a box of old poems today. I wrote this back in 87 during a drought in eastern Montana.
Nov 2021 · 105
Last Page
Prevost Nov 2021
if someone were to hold me open
to that last page
where I stood alone
on the precipice of
love and its pain
then a story could be told
or a poem could be written
if someone were to hold me open
Nov 2021 · 43
The Prairie
Prevost Nov 2021
rack up your heart
against a western sky
as I drip off the edges of these hills
I roll in the dust with the coyote
and stand shadowed by a world
the thunder beckons from a distance
somewhere in between the moon and I
I am so small
so small
so beautifully small
Nov 2021 · 62
The Naked
Prevost Nov 2021
she tore the stars from the sky
and read their furtive message
softly she spoke
“time only supplants what we really are”
“for really….we are going nowhere
we are always here
we have always been here”
"coffee"?… I suggested
“on one condition” she said
“at the completion of such,
our souls should be torn to shreds”
“it is how the naked see truth”
Nov 2021 · 691
Prevost Nov 2021
I’m not living for the obituary
I’m living for the life….
Nov 2021 · 81
A Grace
Prevost Nov 2021
emily tore herself
from a grace
reserved for all things of beauty
sorrowful spirits
garbed in vestments of the
deeper wisdoms
gathered on a plain
of redemption
pleading for her return

she plucked from her heart
the pedals
that had worshiped the sun
looking back
she expelled a breath
that once spoke of love
wrapping herself in her arms
she stepped into a river
that meandered alone

from on up high
the loneliness of her absence
turned the firmament gray
and the gods begged
for the cup of hemlock
that would rid them of their creations
how these humans
refuse to live
with love and kindness
Oct 2021 · 67
Prevost Oct 2021
one day I stumbled upon a query….
does the dark keep your soul tucked away
from your tenderness
so ubiquitous and clean?  
she said no….. the dark keeps the light from dying
I thought you knew
I was born an angel of light
but my soul was arrogated by a gang of ******
“I think they refer to themselves as men”
Oct 2021 · 1.3k
Prevost Oct 2021
she said she was born on the edges
of paintings someone had always forgotten to finish
she said she lived on the banks of rivers that never reach the sea
her voice trailed off at every juncture
giving the afternoon a song
that only the heart could hear
“and do you feel this as I do?”
gazing softly into nowhere

She paused
and let a sigh that vaulted a chorus to her presence
it heralded above all the things we could never see
it wrapped it’s arms around the world
and gave birth
to what she had always yearned to say
but language had always failed

from the fragrance of the river
she shed her outer most layer of mistrust
“we are”, she said “incapable of deserting ourselves here"
“it is this naked hollow that
bestows the paths
from which we will approach"

“by looking
into you I have already been laid bare,
let us reach under this skin,
touch the untouchable
and finish the edges of a painting
long forgotten
and stained with the graffiti
of your past”
For woman
Oct 2021 · 601
Prevost Oct 2021
Our ruins
are our beauty
the dust within our souls
feed the day
Oct 2021 · 60
Prevost Oct 2021
The tempest raged back then
I was still trying to ****
the pain of her

Dylan was singing
Blind Willie Mctell
in a sullen and lonely room
the vein could not hold enough
to sway the darkness
from comforting in me

I was just trying to find a way
to forgive myself
for being that much alive….

so the poet walked
for years
through a thousand shades
of light and hunger

driven empty
he laid his head upon the ***** of humanity
and so
the soul
fell upon the crest
of beauty and its pain
the forgiveness was tenuous
but alive
Oct 2021 · 46
I Fragment Thee
Prevost Oct 2021
I fragment thee….less a cloud than the rain
the portions we partition ourselves from
remain un-sketched
we are merely grasping the edges of an existence
we struggle to know
but in dreams the murals are painted vast
and there
we are whole
I fragment thee….less a cloud than the rain
Oct 2021 · 251
Prevost Oct 2021
to make oneself the king
of all us lesser gods
I cast the shadow of my soul
on your indifference
the thin razor edge of your words
drip from edges eroded by these eons
of ignorance
Jul 2021 · 58
Thought 157
Prevost Jul 2021
the price of poorly written dreams
gets lost in the cost
of what we will never be
Jun 2021 · 103
Prevost Jun 2021
the edges are beautiful
once you peel away the pain
the soul you become
is mirrored by the rain
oh how I love the rain….
May 2021 · 169
Prevost May 2021
perhaps more a tempest at heart
raging against the shapes
I have become
whittled away to something
I am not
May 2021 · 1.2k
Poem 146
Prevost May 2021
the tides that leave us here
crawl back to us in time
and by the shifting rays of sunlight
they hold us up to a discerning god
marking our segments of maturation
as we fold into the fragments
of what we have become
what life washes away
leaves us sculpted in the sands
we stand facing a wind
that has called out to us
since before the tides
or even time
May 2021 · 96
Prevost May 2021
This whisper of a voice
swirling through the jungle
entwined in symbiosis
her veins and skin
create a grand house
of a verdant refuge
silence is such a sweet song
I sing within
letting these creatures
chorus the day
pushing a distance
from the entropic din of survival
Apr 2021 · 85
Prevost Apr 2021
Apr 2021 · 127
Prevost Apr 2021
desperate fragments
stanching some belief
in existence
how many times do we speak
some vestige of a faith
childlike and vacant
am I broken enough now
am I broken enough now
to turn this mold to dust
crushing the structures
of false interpretations
falling to nothing
such comfort in zero
words crawl through the veins
of what we want to be
not what we are....
Apr 2021 · 235
Haiku 15
Prevost Apr 2021
as skies open up
they stretch their hands to the sun
verdant life returns
Apr 2021 · 133
Prevost Apr 2021
the tempest drawn backwards
sketches the face of the progenitor
left surrendered...truth waits
in the shadows of preservation
we are carved into these shapes
by the winds and words
of those we have passed by
and those
we stood close to
Apr 2021 · 80
Prevost Apr 2021
I yearn for a dry pine forest
on a trail of my own making
to find a tree or a rock
that no one has ever seen
Apr 2021 · 102
Staring at the Moon
Prevost Apr 2021
the bitter accompaniment
holds night in your heart
busted pieces of a soul
breathing.... still tender
reach for a dawn fearless and forgiving

self wrapped within self
sleeping with the edges
sharp yet dulled
by the cutting remorse of love

heart stumbles through heart
braced against a wind of your own creation
as you toss another desiccated dream to the side
you stare at the moon

in the depths of you
you find
that love
that loves only you
so you return
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