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mes Feb 2019
I want to be in love in a way that
my surroundings change
with every beat of my heart
and I notice nothing but
the someone I love
our souls vivid like a dream
where there is no common ground
mes Feb 2019
is a battlefield
are flying arrows
when we hit flesh
and one more soldier is down to the ground
heavily armed with dreadful hopes in hand
dead are they
then alive they become
as their blood are pouring down like milk
as they go down in hysterical laughter
they finally make it
we become merely objects
cutting sharp whoever is on site,  
we don’t know what the **** we are doing.
but who is shooting us at the enemy?
who has sharpened us till we bleed? thrown our strengths in the fire
drown them into the water
‘til our wooden bodies get tired
then break
as they get finished?
chanting at fate’s face
the only thing we have held until that very moment
that once and for all
cheaters conquer the world
good ones make it to the finish line.
I feel like love is not our battle. We participate but it isn’t up to us, it happens without our hands involved. Love is something greater than ourselves.
mes Jan 2019
My heart
Falls into foolishness
Your sweet smile
I wear it like perfume
I touch you like poetry
As you set ourselves on fire
mes Jan 2019
her beauty
  not to be captured,
   nor lived,
  but felt
in deepest devotion.
mes Jan 2019
how to explain this feeling in me?
I sense an earthquake
It has destroyed and shaken
All the pain away
It is an ocean
In renewed devotion
The woman with the hair on fire
This revealing ghost
Mere haunting creature
And no bad is left behind her
Only longing
Only hope
So delicate
it explodes
In thin air
So I close my eyes
And we weep together.
poem tribute to Florence Welch
mes Jan 2019
My heart deserted me
My eyes fell in desperation
Arms up high
High as the troubled sky
my body into perpetual negation.
Though with the void of the motion
An attempt of devotion
drags tranquility to this heart of mine.
But I won’t cage it
Let it burst into the pit,
If devastation erodes
So be it.

— The End —