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Building stairway to the sky
With the tears inside my eye
It's like i'm nearly to die
Choking in every lie
And let the truth going to fly
3d · 60
4d · 18
I wanna do
Something to do
But i don't know what to do
Even how do i do
Do do do...
Nov 27 · 47
What's the worst part about friends?
It's ignore by them
Nov 24 · 95
Summer Train
Traveling with summer train
Recovery from the rain
Prepare for the new begin
Sever the broken chain
All I wanna do just to numb the pain
Nov 23 · 85
Hey problem!
Sit down here, and let's talk about 'em
Nov 21 · 27
Man Behind the Coat
Man behind the coat
Breaking through the rain and killing the cold
Crossing the sea of tears riding a boat
The whole story's still untold
Nov 18 · 54
Catched by those eyes
I saw those eyes were catching me in the ball
No words fall out just watch me through it all
Perfect suit like a Ken doll
In the whisper I heard him call
He said to me "Meet me in the nightfall"
Nov 17 · 44
Fata Morgana
You put smile on my face every morning
I can still taste your breath in last evening
Your kisses touch my skin
Amazing night like a movie scene

Those flowers on your finger are hiding that diamond ring
To surprising me and asking me to be your queen

Perfect moment that creating by imagine
It was just Fata Morgana in the morning
My alarm force me to wake up from this dream
First date of Miss Yellow and Mr. Grey Sky
They met in the eastside
Talking about the earth and the light
How to shining bright within dark side
And how to let it rain in the night

It's not easy
But it has to be
Perfect match of the storm and windy
Quite beautiful even rising gloomy
Oct 18 · 177
It's Okay
It's okay not to be okay
But i'm not really okay to make it okay
Even it has to be okay in every way
Oct 18 · 73
Burning in The Sky
Hope and dreams are burning in the sun
After tragedy that truly killing my mind
****** eyes in my wasting time
Broken soul's trying to run
Beautiful scar, it won't be fine
Oct 18 · 141
Broke Me
I did everything for you
But you left me with someone new
It broke me not just in two
Oct 8 · 630
Someone New
Watching you with someone new
Made my day turning blue
One thing you always knew
I was falling in love with you
Even you'll never be my true
Oct 4 · 58
A cup of poetry
Starting a day with a cup of coffe
Drinking poison to catch the energy
Sinking deeper through emotions 'till I can't breathe
Holding on to traumatic things that stay in me
Pouring it into rhymes and beautiful poetry
Oct 4 · 93
Just waiting for the perfect time
To make it all mine
Stay away from demons that trying to make us blind
Singing me a lullaby and whispering the "can't"
To find another top to climb
Sep 29 · 61
You treat me like a ghost
I swear, it hurts me the most
Sep 22 · 209
Sunday Morning
It's sunday morning
Doing nothing is kinda boring
Pouring rhymes inside my brain
Writing line from the pain
Feeling ache through my vein
Sep 19 · 85
Old Phone
Old phone call
Ringing in the nightfall
Never stop from winter to fall
The noise's forcing us all
To keep quiet and stay in the hall
Sep 18 · 130
I'm just nothing but trouble
Facing out this own battle
Looking for the way to struggle
It's not easy as turning table

But i trust myself to take a handle
Just waiting for day to getting better
Everything's fine and going brighter
Sep 15 · 115
Waiting for love to be mine
It's 8.372 days and i'll be just fine
Sep 14 · 122
Waiting for You
Sitting here waiting for you
It doesn't mean i have a clue
Just because i don't need someone new
To complete my perfect view

I just don't know what to do
Cause without you i only blue
All i have to do just wishing you feel it too
Sep 12 · 327
Candle and Fire
A candle is nothing without fire
Angel never exist if the world has no devil
Sep 9 · 52
Burning in Burst
Shining light was burning in burst
Shattered into dark colors
Made those stars such a liar
Shooting light through the darkness
Looking for forgiveness
Too reaching fantasy in fearless
It gave me nerves
To think about someone that never loves
Sep 9 · 171
White Mask
White mask covering your face
A ***** sin you won't erase
It makes everyone think you're clean like a princess
Pretty innocent face in the first place
Aug 20 · 164
Good Girl
They know you as a good girl
Innocent face with high talent
Watching the world through your glasses
Keeping quiet to keep your secret

Point of view is how you treat the world
Black and white is your religion
Underestimating for admiring another
Jul 21 · 370
A light
One light has gone
Beautiful soul has drown
Tried to reach out but extremely ignored
Goodbye letter for once and more
No awarness 'till he was really done
Dedicated for my biggest inspiration 'Chester Bennington'
Jun 21 · 178
A loner without loneliness
She's walking around through the darkness
Reaching every soul that coldly madness
Hearing silence across emptiness
Heavy ***** soul asking for forgiveness
Jun 18 · 160
A Loner
I'm just a loner
A loner without loneliness
Jun 17 · 131
Thousands stories painted on our memories
Apr 21 · 163
Reach for the Light
Reaching for the light
Inside the darkness through the night
Holding on the silence to end the fight
A ghost but i hold it tight
Stray me doesn't know what is right
Apr 4 · 293
Hey you, my expectation!
Please become reality to redeem my addiction
Cause i'm so tired being stuck with my own imagination
Mar 30 · 422
Little Necklace
Hanging off my little necklace
Come back to ashes
Cause i'm so sick of this place
Troubles get ready to chase
But i'm not pretty sure to face
Mar 26 · 436
Wave to the Rocks
Immortality is just pretend
Everything's gonna break in the end
Just like wave to rocks behind the sand
Mar 24 · 123
The Sound of Fear
The sound of fear
Running around my ear
Just force me to disappear
Mar 24 · 741
Scream the Pain
I wanna scream this pain
Throw it to the room through my vein
Like thunder in pouring rain
Mar 24 · 158
Lost in The Wood
Find a piece in the wood
Cause i'm tired of the world that become so rude
The darkness get ready to put
Standing there Mr. Bunny wearing perfect suit
Offering me to **** the mood
Mar 24 · 85
Nobody's Perfect
Correct yourself
Not everyone else
Cause nobody's perfect
Mar 24 · 80
Fantasy and Reality
Mar 12 · 146
Sink in Daydream
Staring to winter wind
Touching deeply and inviting me to swim
Foolish me decides to stuck and sink
To the beautiful scene of daydream
A flawless story with perfect aim
Colorless screen turning to green
Oh no, someone please help me get outta here!
Mar 11 · 96
World of Shadow
Welcome to the world of shadow
A world without a knee and toe
Protected by a little sparrow
Surrounded by the army of arrow
He said, "Forget about being grow
You just need a dream to follow
It will guide you everywhere you go"
Mar 10 · 119
Laugh in Cry
Laugh in cry
Battle emotions that hiding in a deep eye
Keep holding on 'till the day i die
Building a castle made of by perfect lie
Smiling our way in the beautiful sky
Mar 9 · 376
Not a Poem
It's not a poem
Just silence word from
Someone that being alone
Mar 7 · 109
Drowning in a glass of juice
The madness in me is ready to push
Insanity stay in focus
Burning up inside and holding on to something to lose
Drinking emotions i'll never choose
Swiping up the ocean of lotus
Looking for a smile to boost
Mar 7 · 1.3k
Mr. Blue Sky
What's up Mr. Blue Sky!
I thought you're not okay in the eye
It's okay if you let that flow to cry
No reason for being shy
It's not good if hiding in a lie
Even it's just a fake smile
Please, don't ask me why
Cause eveyone was born to fly
Mar 6 · 116
Coldly Soul
Just coldly soul
Walking down the street on the nightfall
Mar 6 · 135
Under the Stars
Drinking tears under the stars
Kissing jar that full of lies
Crawling to the stairway in the sky
Trying so hard to numb every scar
Dreaming the dream so i can fly
Mar 5 · 164
Perfect Windy
Looking up to the galaxy
Watching the moon trying to take a deep breathe
Listening to the battle of symphony
That made of by perfect windy
Sipping on straight harmony
Dancing with the darkest melody
It contains my sanity
Mar 5 · 88
Just Dreaming
Happy man said
Don't be scared to dreaming
Wise man said
The falling is raising pain
The world said
Maybe they can be friends
And creating beauty from pain
Mar 5 · 749
There is an action
For reaction
No excuse for tension
If you hold on to be patient
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