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Staring to winter wind
Touching deeply and inviting me to swim
Foolish me decides to stuck and sink
To the beautiful scene of daydream
A flawless story with perfect aim
Colorless screen turning to green
Oh no, someone please help me get outta here!
Welcome to the world of shadow
A world without a knee and toe
Protected by a little sparrow
Surrounded by the army of arrow
He said, "Forget about being grow
You just need a dream to follow
It will guide you everywhere you go"
Laugh in cry
Battle emotions that hiding in a deep eye
Keep holding on 'till the day i die
Building a castle made of by perfect lie
Smiling our way in the beautiful sky
It's not a poem
Just silence word from
Someone that being alone
Drowning in a glass of juice
The madness in me is ready to push
Insanity stay in focus
Burning up inside and holding on to something to lose
Drinking emotions i'll never choose
Swiping up the ocean of lotus
Looking for a smile to boost
What's up Mr. Blue Sky!
I thought you're not okay in the eye
It's okay if you let that flow to cry
No reason for being shy
It's not good if hiding in a lie
Even it's just a fake smile
Please, don't ask me why
Cause eveyone was born to fly
Just coldly soul
Walking down the street on the nightfall
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