He reads the Saturday evening post
Has coffee with her ghost
Use to say every single night
"If your heart stops, so do i"
Sits in his favorite chair
One hundred ways to play solitaire

mercy party Jul 12

Without that whiskey
Baby grandpa would've cried
Without that whiskey
The kids wouldn't be alive
Without that whiskey
And the train car in '45
The Nazi's would have heard
If baby grandpa would've cried
So without that whiskey
Way back in Budapest
Without that whiskey
Your name would lay to rest.

mercy party Jul 6

these damages were not unforeseen
you know i've tried everything
to make you understand
i've been folding winning hands
and taking bullets
i run the gauntlet
for you

and we wont live this legend anymore
because we're dead,dead in the water
in the muck pile no one will ever know what we had
do you even know?
why should i bother?

classic cut and run
to a far off island
i just want to go
as far away from mexico
as i can, as i can
i'm thinking Iceland
and maybe just maybe
you'll catch up on lost sleep
stop being such a creep

what are you gonna do
when he follows through
and he's not gonna be so honest?
a sad divergence -
has been coming to you,
maybe then you'll be true
maybe then you'll be true

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