watching you pace
waiting for a driver
and i wouldn't be
hangin on any longer
i told you once
this was too much
always hiding
in your confiding
there was a never ending need
to be hangin on
in this town for so long
maybe i rushed
maybe i rush
maybe i rush and notice things
these never ending sessions
i thought somewhere i mentioned
don't drag me through my door
and start a street war

maybe next time you'll think twice
before you say no thanks i'm good to me
waiting for the sun so you can pick up the phone
when you need to you will remember me

watching the world never looked so bad
back at it tomorrow
to raise the dead that i know
let the lush fall off where he wants
let the dreamers all dry up

hello newly sober
the last to believe it's over
what are you doing here with this cheap sentimental bribe
disquise your vomit now
you never wanted out
what are you insinuating?
i never believed your eyes

lyrics from within a pile of old BR8 discs.

like a mirage fades for a dreamer
in a sinking ship
what's right is always simple
then you're a dirty trick

you say you need a day to play
but only to reflect
standing over your machine
and another cigarette
promises haven't been holding up these days
like aces and spades

you say this isn't me
enough with the insanity
of this catastrophe as it goes down
your actions doom like clockwerk
your heart stops but it won't hurt
you've gone numb

and you went running
i find it funny
that you hid your face in the crowd
and tore off your emblems
i'm sorry to tell you

...the war is over

finish your spell,
what are you waiting for?
wasting all my time
sorry to reopen old wounds
what is a poor fool left to do?

go back to staring desolately into space
this won't take long
i always figured you would say
i was wrong

you're starting to look the part with your new face of horror
i guess i had a lot to learn
about what you were capable of

first it was your eyes from afar
next i made a declaration
i was lovesick to win the heart like a hero
a secret love until detention
you never mentioned
like the story says
you were tormented by a lost love

finding false love your daily theme
and now it's all unraveling
revealing unrevealing things inside
you're a closed off street where my car can't drive
so thanks i guess,
i'll run to you inferior from those dark nights
you were everything

mercy party Jan 5

these damages were not unforseen
you know i've tried everything
to make you understand
i've been folding winning hands
and taking bullets
i run gauntlet
for you

and we wont live this legend anymore
because we're dead,dead in the water
in the muck pile no one will ever know what we had,
do you even know
why should i bother?

classic cut and run
to a far off island
i just want to go
as far away from mexico
as i can, as i can
i'm thinking Iceland
and maybe just maybe
you'll catch up on lost sleep
stop being such a creep

what are you gonna do
when he really follows through
and he's not gonna be so honest?
a sad divergence has been coming to you
maybe then you'll be true
maybe then you'll be true

mercy party Jan 2

so my love the time has come
the flame is burning so low
i don't know if i can keep up
with the small talk anymore
where my thoughts do wander
you don't want to know

a scene you're standing in your window
i never spoke to you
i'd always say tomorrow
what did you know
and when did you know it?

i know you have your own day
i like to pretend and play
love to watch your busy walk
like you have somewhere else to be
oh my god you are so elite
you should start your own regime

i dont mind, i can take it
ride that horse with a smile until you break it
if you give it back
key your heart to remember
what you did you young pretender

and you wait, you wait for it you wait
a look that time can't erase

you said you would get dry
but you lied and now you drive
to where no one else can find you

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