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This is me
Breaking softly, softly
Like crisp mounds of sand
succumbing to the winds.
Because sand
is porous. Unretentive
I'm like this sand
Forgetting good memories
Forgetting conflicts
Forgetting them all at once.

Breaking softly, softly
like a house
losing its life to a fire in minutes
Because fire
has no regard for history.
Is wild. Persistent
And I'm like this house
Yielding to the gentle build up of this sweet inferno
Disregarding my age-old vows to "never be bait"

And breaking softly, softly
like a feeble brick-wall
Under the downpour of torrential rains. Because brick-walls
are volatile. Unstable.
I'm like this brick-wall
crumbling under the weight of my shortcomings
under the weight of my non-stop errors.

You are wind.
Blowing away my reasons for guardedness
Because you've given me less reasons to be
You are fire
Having no regards for the history behind my careless habits
Because there's really no need for it anymore.
You are rain.
Eroding this sanctuary I call
"The place of logicality"
Because logicality never won in the Place of Emotions.

But this doesn't mean that I'll stop
Resisting the winds, the fires, the rains. Resisting you
And why?
I don't know either.
And I don't know who will win this war
You, or my stubborn heart.

But truth remains that
this is me
Breaking softly, softly
For you.
Originally published on my instagram account, @_mercywilliams_
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Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Creative Poetics
The homeland soil
The roots I'm from
The tree pine veins
The flow thorough
The leaves in green
The starry night lit  
The spiral's dream
The mighty flights
The peaks are high
The clouds in mist
The eagle feathers
The rainbow tears
The cattle's power
The milky way is8
    Imagined by
Impeccable Space
  Poetic Dreamer
I thought of you last night.. While all the stars aligned in our sky.. The beginning has started all over again.. Lets scatter the stars together..
Its not quite what you think..
The surface is as dark as night..
You can even see the stars above..
The life here is made of fire..
The birds, the lizards, the caterpillars that turn into fiery butterflies..
Even the flowers  look like stars..
The waters are made of light..
Cool to the touch..
They heal all..
And give life back..
Its then I start to remember how I got here..
Back on Earth I was asleep..
I then saw a strange light from above..
In a dream..
I stepped into the light..
And saw light angels within..
But what I thought were angels were simply the people of the sun..
It took about 8 minutes to get to the sun..
They walked with me on the surface of the sun..
To them I shined brighter than anything there..
But truly I was returning home..
I was their son..
The son has returned to the sun..
I open my eyes.  I am happy I have opened my eyes.  I take a deep breath.  And then I sit up.   Purple skies mixed in with the most beautiful of oranges and dying yellows.  The starlight takes over the skies as I forget the colors and my eyes fall in love with the lights of the night.  I know I have left my former life behind.  The stars in the sky begin to grow larger and brighter.  I then discover that they are not stars at all.  They are coming for me. All of them.  I am the shadow of sin.  I have committed atrocity after atrocity. I even destroyed all the life on this Planet. I thought I was going to die with it.   They now look like falling stars.  All of them blazing in my direction.  Sentinels of the light.  Angels of the heavens.  Call them what you like.  This battle will likely tear this Planet apart. Such a shame.  To shatter such a beautiful sky above. For even the eyes of darkness and chaos can find such a beauty.
The light once spoke to the dark and discovered it was born from it.
(I give to him a relic given to me by my fellow mage Osiris.. The relic of the star tear.. This is your prayer..  Become the angel of the stars..)

After cutting through the endless darkness and seeing it bleed light I spoke my final prayer to the God or being higher than any star in the sky.  I was on my knees as the demons and devils were closing in on my final shining glow.  I was the last of our race.  We were going into the darkness shining and glowing.  But my prayer had been answered by an angel of the stars.  This angel was a dragon that had wings of blue star light.  He painted our sky blue again with his light and erased the darkness above.  Our sun shined through once again burning away all that was wicked and evil.  He then looked into my eyes and spoke through them. I could hear him speak to me through his eyes.  " I give to you a relic given to me by my fellow mage Osiris.. The relic of the star tear.. This is your prayer..  Become the angel of the stars."  His wings then shined so very bright as he lifted off into the sky leaving behind a cut of light in the sky.   The relic he gave to me shined star blue and red.  I noticed my sun blade and moon blade were glowing the same colors as the relic.   I picked up my soul swords and sheathed both of them.  I could feel everything around me now.  Where I stood the grass begin to grow.  Flowers followed then trees and forest.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and felt the wastelands of our planet needing to be cleansed.  There were then thousands of tornados of light that swept all of the lands followed by massive super hurricanes that covered the entire Planet.  I was cleansing our world by simply thinking about it.  I was at the center of it all.   Our world is now reborn.   And I must now give it away.  I will be part of the stars now.  I will dive into the cosmos as a light that will forever shine away all that is evil.
The angel of the stars rebuilds.
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