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Sometimes in the heat of the moment
You need to be brave enough
Just thirty seconds of insane courage
Embarrassing bravery
I promise, you something great will come of it.

Wasn't  aware  of the Author  .
I changed it to make it my own ..
Losers can be winners
If they take the hurt
Tie it to their senses
For all that it is worth

Giving them the reason
For something great to strive
Losers can be winners
When it comes to life

Losers can be winners
If they don't keep score
Focus on beyond
The times that they all fall

There's no need to feed
What you need not recall
Losers can be winners
In this life after all
 Jul 2016 Mercurychyld
The only part of my day
That I look forward to
Is when I go to bed
And lay there making up scenarios
In my head.

I think of comebacks
To 8th grade bullies.
I think of witty retorts
To my mother's snide comments.
I think of intelligent things to add
To conversations I had months ago.

I think of all the things
I was too scared to say.

And in my mind
I say them.
And pretend how things would be different
If only I had the courage to speak.
 Jul 2016 Mercurychyld
 Jul 2016 Mercurychyld
Isn't it lovely
When pervy men
Pop up in your DM box
And try to make you feel
That you are a failure

Someone's pen
Is thicker than his ****
the pieces fall into place
the place falls into pieces
shadows deepening
snow topped indigo mountains
flamingo pink skies
camped by a glacial lake
watching the end of the day
a single ****** swims past
its wake a thin silver line
then a loon calls from far off
and my heart disentangles
as the universe floods in
and washes away my pain
in a deep ocean of stars
bliss incandescent
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