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Mercie B Mar 2016
I will reach
The stars

Brining back a
Of clouds
Sometimes what we want is closer than we ever thought.
Mercie B Mar 2016
You tell me I am strong.
That I am worth fighting for.

If I could only see me through your eyes.

You say the worst is over.
And my past I must ignore.

How I've longed to see me through your eyes
If only we could see ourselves the way others do.
Mercie B Feb 2016
When the midnight sky grows silent
Under the hue of a dim lit star.

Like theives they creep back in
Returning home from afar.

Their siren call reminding me
Of every mistake I've ever made.

My thoughts  overtake my mind
their vicious plan has just been laid.

They steal the away my solace
My torture feeds their fire.

My memories may win tonight
Their force will never tire.
Life with a side of bipolar. Writting is so much better than my meds.
Mercie B Feb 2016
I must walk this path alone, if I am to figure myself out.

To understand the reason for this pain, to rid myself of doubt.

I wander thru this life just searching for a clue.

Truth be told, my heart knows well, my answers died with you
Missing you momma
Mercie B Feb 2016
Chaotic lyrics, stuck on repeat, echo throughout my soul causing  me to go mad.

Ripping and tearing at my chance to feel normal, well the little chance I though I had.

In and out, rhythmically they play their tune,  taunting me with their song.

The sorted details of my life confine me , while my torture they prolong
Mercie B Sep 2015
I don't know how to quiet the thoughts echoing within my temples, filling in the spaces.

The blank stare behind my eyes shows not how my overflowing mind continually
Longing for silence
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