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 Sep 2014 meowddy
Craig Harrison
It's always been a problem
but one most of us ignore
we never think it would happen to us
or to anyone we know
we always think we're smarter than that
but what would happen if you became homeless

We see these people on the streets
outside shops, around town
most of us ignore them
as individuals we can not help eliminate homelessness
but united we can
It's said that it would cost over $20billion to eliminate homelessness in the USA, to eliminate it world wide it would cost a hell of a lot more but it's something worth eliminating... The top 10 richest people in the world are worth over $500billion and that's only the top 10.. As I said as individuals we can't eliminate homelessness but united we can..
 Sep 2014 meowddy
 Sep 2014 meowddy
It's a throwaway age for one and for all.
Nobody wants to hear the heart's call
Society around us is falling apart,
Things just go wrong right from the start.
Friendships appear to be a disdain,
Instead we use others for personal gain.
Running for cover, from  storm rain,
Feelings for others slaughtered and slain.
Already the price is being  paid.
Society gone and relationships frayed.
It will only get worse as standards downgrade.
Are we numb to the slide, or really afraid?
We can change it all, its not too late.
Bring on the love instead of the hate.
All is not lost if we'd communicate.
Destruction should never be our final fate.
A change of perception is all we need.

— The End —