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Yes, T R I E D can now be downloaded and you can listen to it, please use the provided link above and enjoy.

Produced by. Sabelo Mhlanga(Taylor Reeds)
Mixed and Mastered by. Sthembiso Lukhele(Phantom)
Features : C.Front(Hloni) and Monalisa.
Written by. Menelisi S'phiwo Moya(TheWordIzwi, YaKaul)
Genre : Spoken Word.
1. T R I E D took a year to write, and the month it was published was the same month I started writing it.
2. Started writing T R I E D while I was happily involved with someone, so no it's not actually directed to anyone.
3. The poem is from a guys perspective and not just me.
It's not always the girls who give their all. Guys give just as much.
4. T R I E D has two other poems in it which were initially separate poems.
5. The last verse of the piece was actually inspired by someone.
She finally gave birth to "The Sin"
At least that's what the community said, you're not married, not knowing what happened the day she conceived.
But, she had more surpassing matters, how do I tell my child I never wanted her, how do I tell her that her father was never my partner?
How do I begin telling her that I was never ready?

How do I tell her that it was like war when she was convinced, that I said NO!!!
How do I tell her that her father will never be a part of her life because he doesn't know she exists.
How do I explain the pain I went through and people convinced me that it will be okay, should I lie to my child and not tell her that abortion was also one of my options?

To tell you the truth I prayed daily that you're not a boy , because boys, because boys!!!
The fear in me, thinking if you're a boy you will be your fathers son, a man who takes by force when it's not given!!!

How do I tell you that?

Thula Thula Sana Thula Thula…
Let her KNOW - TheWordIzwi(YaKauli)

Let Her Know!!!
But, how does she explain her death if she makes it to heaven?

What does she tell God?

How does she break the story down?

How does she tell God that it's the very same man she trusted with her life that actually squeezed it out of her?
But wait, will she be given a chance to ask God why he let him do that?

Will she be given closure of how "heaven missed her" and that she had to be brutally killed to get there?

So, who will need to prepare and explanation for her death?

Herself, or The speakers of heaven?

Angithi we say "Gone too soon, heaven missed you"

Forgetting that the Devil is also here to ****.

Wait, what!?
Yes, here to ****, steal and destroy, right?

At least that's what the Bible says.

Heaven missed her is what we say.

so I guess heaven gets her at the expense of the tears and heart break left behind.

The thought of the pain she went through for heavens satisfaction.
All I want to know is, will she be given the chance to ask?

A chance to get answers, I'm sure she'll need clarity.

Afterlife Conversations
He walks in, with 5 seconds of hesitation he removes the blanket,
no, he's not checking up on her to see if she's doing fine,
Today it's beyond fatherhood.
Thirst is key.

she's thinking bed time story from daddy maybe a lullaby like last night,
but today is not last night, it's daddy's turn to be happy.

Cold winds blow on her young body, he could care less,
Shhhhh, tells her to keep quiet,
What pains the most is that mama was just 2 doors away sleeping peacefully while her daughters peace was bleeding first time juices.

Dear God,
I know you work in mysterious ways, but on excursions to heaven how could you take her?

"Twinkle, twinkle little star / daddy wonders how you taste"
She was only 9 years old, tell me,
How do you get an ******* from that?

By the age of 12.
She already knew how to satisfy a man.
Her daddy would sneak in her room.
He stopped singing Twinkle, twinkle little star to help her sleep the previous year and started waking her up in the middle of the night. Became the monsters he promised will never get her.
Truth is, he did things even those monsters couldn't.

She's a Time ticking bomb,
The voices in her heard won't stop talking.
Reflections of her tormented soul overshadow her little twinkling star.
Her mind is a thunder clap waiting to happen.
Submission was her middle name during the night and princess during breakfast.

She never could wash off the smell of his sweating body.
Mama knows something is wrong but convinces herself otherwise.
Her daughters silent screams aren't loud enough.
Dear Mother.

Mama won't listen.
Lil' princess finds peace when her wrists started bleeding endlessly.
The depths of those cuts where deeper than grief,
Now mother grieves.
Daddy cries, never man enough to confess his sins.
He found her first,
burnt his daughters suicide note which said.

"Mommy, daddy was the monster under the bed"

This doesn't end with happily ever after,

After all, hearts don't make sounds when they break!!!

No Means No✋
Tried - TheWordIzwi.

I tried, tried so much to be Wha' you wanted me to be ,
I changed the way I dress, the way I spoke, changed my friends for your pleasure,
I tried so much to please you but I couldn't,
See I did all I could for you,

I became a puppet and you the puppet master, my DR. Frankenstein I the obedient monster.
Love makes us do irritational things, bend over backwards and sideways for the ones our hearts have chosen.

You became God to me, turned to my religion I worshiped and prayed to you, I obeyed and did your will,
I became slave to your Prayer, I prayed to you instead of praying for us.

"my lover, who art In this heart,
Hallowed be thy command,
Your will be done by me as you command,
Taking me on excursions to cloud nines"
Woman, my loving creature that never loved,
Greatest love was and still a myth"

See I still remember the first time you called me "BAE"

I thought our love will be compost, and would fertilize our existence, but I couldn't tame you, my Frankenstein.

Love is blind, I forgot that I wasn't blind, a slave to your ways, how could you torment my pulse, how could you make my heart die for a second by skipping a beat for you, how could you make me believe that the gap was filled and my heart was safe at last.

You become God, and I prayed prayers to you,
In your temple I became slave, master.

I striped myself off my existence for you,
So I can make space for your Ego,
I became less of me to put up with you ****,
Cut off friends of your gender to make your insecurities comfortable,
See I allowed you to dictate without any "Buts"
But still it wasn't enough for you,

So, here I am, broken, twisted, tormented torn apart,
But how would you know?
Too full of yourself hate you made it my problem...

So listen, they'll call me a bitter EX for this, but **** it, You and Them

Careless ***** I hope that new guy beats on you and tells you that you're fat in that waist Trainer.
I hope he eats on your self-esteem,
I hope misery is your middle name when you finally feel worthless.
When you feel how I felt,
I never loved the way you lied,
So I can tell you how it feels like.


These are the cries of my people, their nights of joy are written in past tense,
Their singing voices are hymning hymns of sadness,

Freedom they know not.

Sorrow surrounds them.
With Smiles on their sad faces while prayers drown in years of tears and suffering,

Suffering is a gift wrapped in endurance with false hope notes written with ink made from bitter tears.
This is to you God,

Made in your image but my peoples mirrors reflect rejects.

This is to you, for silent voices on their behalf I speak,

With many un-kept promises and yet they pray so prayers keep them,
Our father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name,

May you hear my people as they cry,

their tears have turned into dust undusted

The residues of their unsung sorrow exists and echoes in each one of us
Bare the moment while my peoples tears turn to soup while they feast on bible scriptures to satisfy their hunger,

They Became cannabis when they ran out of options.
They turned their prayers to lullaby's singing to their children before bed time in hopes of a fruitful tomorrow.
"(on every) night of joy (we) bare the moments (of beautified sorrows that don't) come once in life.

Time wasted is never (•gained) back.

See I could know for it rains tears in life and everywhere,

(I used to kiss you goodnight hoping for a better tomorrow where you still exist, but now I kiss you goodbye for tomorrow I'll be greeted by a corps)

For lullabies have turned to goodbyes when putting hungry bodies to their eternal beds" (Re-Constructed Verse)
(Isizwe siyakhala, iz'nyembezi azisuleki.

Lobaba ongana kudla struggles to make it through out the day,

He was probably there ngo94, standing in line to mark that X for freedom,

****, that was just an illusion now the black man is eluded and drowning in delusions.?
Father, the only tears we know are the tears that fall when good mornings are a sign of soulless bodies who's soul when asleep decided to use emergency exits from malnutritioned* bodies,

How does a night have joy when suffering comes on every morning?
Dear Man!!!

(Thula Sizwe/ ungabo khala/ Ngoba Inkosi izosiNqobela)
Helen Joseph,Bertha Mashaba,Lilian Ngoyi,Dora Tamara,Winnie Madikizela Mandela,
And The multitudes of Earth Carriers of the present times
This is to you...

With trials tribulated by tribulations,
Endurance is her first,middle and last name,mother of nations.
Closest thing to creation,carrying an extra rib to complete us man,
Her umbilical cord connects multiples of ancestral generations,

A she warrior,
She fights.
With prominent fists thrusted up right, she stands for truth.
With meaning,
She speaks.
For humanity,
She represents.
With residues,
She imprints each of us with her existence.
With sorrow,
She carries the world.
With inner strength,
She gets back up.

Now listen,

On behalf of herself and others,
She prays.
Her tears accompanying prayers,
On our behalf she has  been persecuted.
demonstrated,protested against,
she's passed tests with no studying.
Phenomenal Mother.

On behalf of myself and others
I bring forth salutations wrapped with undivided gratitudes
So I salute,

I salute laboMama bom'thandazo,
LaboMama abashaya ngedolo babhekise makhanda phansi,iy'nhliziyo zibheke phezulu amehlo ehle izinyembezi um'lomo ukhiphe mazwi okuthandaza.
Ngisho laboMama abahlangana njalo ngolwes'bili nangolwesine emini bezoBhecela ivangeli bathandazele iy'ngane zabo nezamanye makhosikazi.

LaboMama abathandazela iy'ngane ey'lahlwe abazali, baphinde bathandazele bona labazali abalahl' iy'ngane kuth' uThixo abaxolele.

See This poem isn't for one day,this poem is for each day you rise and realize joy has cometh.
This poem is to thank you,this poem is to show appreciation to you.

So woman!!!
This is to you,

Thank you!!!

TheWordIzwi x Felicity x Felicia(Mkhaliphi Sisters)
Title : ToYou.
****. By King Isis.
Recorded and Mastered at TelekinesisStudios.
Please Download and share.
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