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Jun 2021 · 980
My Love
Maelynn Jun 2021
Heartbeats in tandem,
A loving release-
For you my dear darling
I’m eager to please

Hands move with purpose
A tender caress
One subtle movement
And you’ve left me a mess

My heart swells with love
As I look in your eyes
And settle into your arms
For another sunrise
Jun 2021 · 898
Rain Day
Maelynn Jun 2021
Fire crackles as I take my tea
–2 creams 3 sugars
The heavy drops of summer rain
Fall to the parched earth out the window,
A symphony on aged tin roofs

I let out a contented sigh
My movement inspiring a small chitter
My furry companion curls tighter
To The the alabaster skin of my hip
At peace once more.
Jun 2021 · 451
A Surprise Wedding Guest
Maelynn Jun 2021
Ripe feelings fill the balmy air
And ride the summer breeze
They twist and dip and whisper
Throughout the wizened Trees

They paint a vivid picture
Full of memory
Of a once caged heart
Now soaring full and free

They tell their tale with gusto
A sense of hushed pride
They speak softly to the flowers
Of a love that’s undenied.

The flowers tell their flower friends
Then those, they do the same;
Every blooming rose bush
Knew the couples names

They gossiped and they whispered
All chattering with ease
Till the story shuffled off
With a couple bumbling bees

These bees they traveled far away
Telling the tale along their ride
Of loves triumphs and elations-
And soon they heard she’d be his bride
And buzzed “congratulations!”

The couple looked into each other’s eyes that day
And said their loving I dos
While Mother Nature smiled on
Delighted by the news
Jun 2021 · 751
Lazy Days
Maelynn Jun 2021
Lazy mornings on summer days,
Relax! Forget your modern ways!
Stay awhile and chat-
We’ll drink our coffee on the porch
Content as the old house cat.
Jun 2021 · 884
War Cry
Maelynn Jun 2021
Instincts rising from the ashes
A long forgotten rage
Boasted proudly long ago
Now seems to fade with age

Through blood and war torn battlegrounds,
A fierce loyalty was wrought-
Because even back then the people knew
Happiness can’t be bought

Time may heal all wounds,
And things may change with age
But for those who carry that ancient anger
The future is their cage

We praised them and we trained them
With murderous intent
Then peace dulled our edge
And into the corner they went

And though peace isn’t shameful,
It just doesn’t seem fair-
That for something once so prized
Now they must despair.
Jun 2021 · 332
Maelynn Jun 2021
Sunlight streams like trickling gold
Flowing languidly with stories untold
It has neither eyes nor ears
No hopes no fears
Yet is a companion to all-

It picks us up when we are down
A bubbling smile replaces a frown
It soothes the crying child’s tears
As sunrise chases away nights’ fears
No order is too tall-

For even in the blackest pitch of night,
The darkest of the dark-
All you need to find some hope
Is the tiniest of sparks.
Jul 2020 · 556
Summer Skies
Maelynn Jul 2020
Your eyes as clear as summer skies
Can be clouded in an instant by a summer storm;
And yet-
I love them all the more.

Freckles dot your skin,
Emulating stars in the vast night sky,
And I know if I were to follow them
I would be guided home.

Your unruly hair blows wild in the wind stirred up around us,
And yet-
I feel not the slightest chill while wrapped up in your arms.

And if I were to be with you on the worst of days,
My heart would soar to know I had the privilege of seeing the parts of you that no one else cared to notice;

Because all of your pieces and parts may not be perfect,
And yet-
I wouldn't want you any other way.
Sorry for the few day break!! Excited to be back☺️
Jul 2020 · 399
Sparks Fly
Maelynn Jul 2020
Your words float around me,
A charming melody-
They pay homage to my senses,
Wrap me up, and set me free;
But my heart aches of its own accord
It never leaves me be.

It reminds me of the time before,
Time spent in the dark-
But time with you jars my soul;
I've gotten back my spark.
Jul 2020 · 274
Maelynn Jul 2020
Nostalgia is a funny thing
I often think about;
It's whispers of the past slowly
Drown the present out
Jul 2020 · 226
Wasting Time
Maelynn Jul 2020
Passing hours by the window
Taking in the sun's warm glow;
Some may say I'm wasting time
But that shows me what they know.

The peace of mind it gives me
To see the world at work,
Gives me strength to deal with
The Skeptic's fatal smirk.

Stay awhile, take a breath,
Sit with me and talk-
We'll watch the day bloom and fade
Like a wilting flower stalk.
Jul 2020 · 240
Relics of the Past
Maelynn Jul 2020
Chipped China, too worn
To be displayed-
Locked away, ashamed
Hidden where none can see;
It sings a mournful melody.
Reaching out, full of longing
Wanting only to be known-
Searching for a sense of belonging,
Searching for its home sweet home.
Jul 2020 · 297
Writer's Drought
Maelynn Jul 2020
Blessing or curse?
Spoken or verse?
Two pieces of a broken mind,
Searching for the power to find
What she knows is inside her,
The capability-
But in the end it comes
Down to ability,
And she hasn't found it yet-
Her brain is full of detailed worlds,
But how to draw them out?
Some may call it writer's block
But she has writer's drought.
Jul 2020 · 217
Maelynn Jul 2020
I hear your
voice, whispering
softly in the
night, telling
me you love me.
I feel the far off
safety and
of your arms around
I breathe
in your smell,
clean and fresh,
screaming of you.
But then I
wake and
it was only a dream,
and I'm left
with nothing
but my
Jul 2020 · 149
Maelynn Jul 2020
My eyes
are windows
to my soul
and i can’t seem
to draw
the blinds.
Jul 2020 · 1.0k
Midnight Swim
Maelynn Jul 2020
The water
was lovely, dark, and deep;
wild and free
it called to me,
invited me in
what a shame i couldn’t swim.
Jul 2020 · 366
Ebb and Flow
Maelynn Jul 2020
Easy take and easy give,
Hard to lose and hard to live.
Let it be and let it go,
Only then true colors show.
Falseness then is brought to light,
Giving life to freedom’s fight.
Breath of life on frosty tongues,
Filling up the empty lungs.
Eyes open wide that do not see,
A heart that beats to be set free.
Open hands and open minds,
There the truth they will find.
Hearts that love and hearts that give,
That’s the way to truly live.
Jul 2020 · 240
Pen and Paper
Maelynn Jul 2020
A pen and paper
have always been my weapons of choice,
they helped me cope and come to grips,
they gave my sorrow a voice.
Jul 2020 · 67
Maelynn Jul 2020
4th of July comes once again
Bringing with it your memory-
A celebration of life,
A party every year;
So why do I still sit silent
As I shed a single tear?
Jul 2020 · 222
All Nighter
Maelynn Jul 2020
The sky is bright with fireworks,
Splashes of color in the dark;
But Inside my brain it's black and white,
Clinical and stark.

I sit outside all evening
Till the crickets chirp no more,
And Sun is knocking lightly
On Moons shuttered door.

Out of the darkness and the shadow
Comes brightness and the day;
And I sit and think just maybe-
I might just be okay.
Jul 2020 · 364
The Magick of You
Maelynn Jul 2020
Be still my heart,
Beating in time to the drums of
Adrenaline like lightning in my veins
The air is charged with electricity,
I wait with bated breath
The clouds open like eyes from a long slumber
Awakening to the day
Then fat drops fall like tears
Washing the old away.
Jul 2020 · 198
A Passage of Time
Maelynn Jul 2020
On dreary, darkened, gloomy days
Of which there seems to be no escape,
You take a stroll along a forgotten lane
Gnarled tree branches guiding you with their pointing fingers,
Reminding you of your wizened grandmother.
Your light footsteps seem loud,
Somehow heavier as the downcast leaves cry out below them.
You breathe in the cool autumn air,
Sharpening your senses as your unruly hair fans out behind you;
And all at once the scene changes.

The seasons change as if before your eyes
A winter's blizzard passing as if a fleeting thought, covering all in your path.
You shiver in your light jacket,
Unprepared for the frosty reception of Mother Nature.
Seeming to sense your struggle,
The clouds open like a yawning mouth
Allowing the frigid grip of winter to weaken.

Soon wildflowers take their time emerging from the soil,
Giving color and soul where lifelessness once reigned.
Nearby you hear the happy trickle of a stream,
Filled to the brim with spring rains
And still you walk on as the seasons change around you.

Odd, it seems, to pay such little mind to the changes happening
Inside yourself as the seasons unfold in a graceful dance around you.

If you were to stop, to slow down and look, you'd notice.
Notice the length of your hair
And how it seems to fall much longer than when you began this dreary stroll,
How as you pass through the delightful frost of winter
Your bones ache and your mind is weary as you shiver inside yourself;

Notice in summer the sleepy romance that hangs in the air, pulling you to a blissful sleep.
Dark encroaches once more before life begins again.
Jul 2020 · 109
Late night thoughts
Maelynn Jul 2020
It's 4:30 a.m. and I lie awake,
noting the glaringly obvious absence of your warmth beside me as I stare up at my ceiling.

The glowing stars there seem lackluster when all I can think about is abandoned streets at 2 a.m. with the stars shining in your eyes.

You take me by the hand, some twist of fate bringing us together.

You are celestial; the vibrant light in my night sky.

I long for the day when the cool, dark winter of your absence subsides, but for now, I hold on to the warmth of your memory.

As the sun rises, so will I; if only to feel your touch upon my skin once more
Older poem since I've been gone a while ☺️
Mar 2019 · 296
Maelynn Mar 2019
The stars they shine
and heavens glow,
Always for you
my love will show.

You hold me within
an iron grip,
Away from you
I can’t seem to slip.
About how sometimes familial love can be smothering
Mar 2019 · 198
Never Have I Ever
Maelynn Mar 2019
Never have I ever;
Felt as at home as I do
Wrapped in your protective embrace.

Never have I ever;
Had just the thought of someone
Cause my heart to race.

Never have I ever;
Loved someone the way I do you,

But then Never have I ever
Felt a love as true.

Mar 2019 · 193
Maelynn Mar 2019
Melancholy waves crash upon my shore
At the thought of not seeing your crooked smile
Hearing your laugh
Watching your soulful eyes:
And I'm drowning
Head bobbing just above the water
Heart racing
Reaching blindly
Treading water,
Eventually sinking into you

Its funny how drowning and falling In love are so similar; ask my waterlogged heart, and it'd say they're the same.
Mar 2019 · 579
Ball and Chain
Maelynn Mar 2019
Bittersweet melancholy fills my lungs
As I look upon the things I love
Searching, always searching
For a way to make it better;
Make me better
I feel so lost in a world so cold,
Everyday I'm growing old
But a look inside reveals nothing but a lost child;
Broken and scared, afraid of my own mistakes.
All I want to do is give
But all I do is take,
Another day, another head shake
Trying to clear the cobwebs,
The thoughts, my fears.
A smile hides more than words can ever say,
Still I put one on everyday
With eyes begging for them to see,
And a heart hoping they never do.
Constant contradiction, stress with no relief
Staring in the mirror with disbelief.
When did I I begin to fade away
As numbness starts to grip;
Another day of darkness gives away to winter's nip.
A moment of self doubt
Mar 2019 · 237
A Thousand Tomorrows
Maelynn Mar 2019
If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue
I should hope to sit and talk to you
To waste away hours laced with darkness
With a gentle smile and a sweet caress
For sunshine is a relative term
And shades of Gray hold beauty;
I find it in the depths of your eyes
When you're feeling sad and gloomy;
And when our skies of blue return
I will hold you tighter still
And through centuries of sun and storm
I'll never get my fill
Mar 2019 · 147
Close to My Heart
Maelynn Mar 2019
A first moment that felt like a thousand
A lifetime unfolded before my eyes
As you sat across the room oblivious.
Your gentle smile, your charming laugh,
The start of a new adventure.
You drew me in, intrigued me
Made me question my intentions.
I sat there with an unconscious grin
Doing something completely out of character. A shy smile, a conversation with a friend, and I asked for your number;

You were like a wrecking ball
Breaking down my glass prison
Making room to rebuild.
Mar 2019 · 250
A Masochist's Delight
Maelynn Mar 2019
Heartbeats and skin on skin
A complicated slow dance that draws you in.
Hearts ablaze and eyes full of longing
A crooked grin and the promise of belonging.
The caress of light fingertips and whispered sweet nothings
Every move in sync, bodies trusting.
I'll follow your lead if only you'll give me your hand
For you have my heart now, I hope you understand.
Oh what I'd give to have you beside me
For you to give in and not have to hide from me
I see the monsters that crawl under your skin
I'm begging for you to let me in.
Come out of the shadows, step into the light
Ill take on your worries, your troubles, your fright.
Mar 2019 · 206
Maelynn Mar 2019
My heart is full of unwritten songs
That echo
From long ago;
I seek them out with a pen and ink
But where they come from
I may never know.

Twisting lullabies
A melancholy heart,
I sit here and I sigh;
A beauty so bittersweet
Deserves a better vessel than I.

— The End —