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Jun 2018 · 364
The Rain
This rain is driving me insane with lighting and thundering oh how much will you put me in pain
I need my lover right here next to I'm about to explode from within my inside of me
I need your touch and your lips on me.... while my heart is beating fast with every legs are weak and start to shake...bring your body and lay

on top of me. As I rub my hands all over your body and my lips start to kiss your neck... I need you so badly you making my body sweat...just take me and I'm yours...
then kids come into the room I wake up to it was only a dream...
All I can say is **** I was about to explore
Jun 2018 · 287
All the pain I see in the streets and so sad on the tv
Our babies are dying and young kids are being killed
What has this world came too...
I pray for the better day to come out this darkness that has fallen onto our people & this world
When will we wake up from this horrible nightmare,,,
Or will it be too late to let the sunshine in again
My heart is heavy and all I can do is a seat back and pray and make sure
I teach my kids not to go the wrong way.....
Life is sooooo precious why do people take it away......
May 2018 · 122
Blood and Water
How is blood thicker than water...If the blood is the one draining you and holding you down. talk bad about you and never want you to be better blood

hurts you more than water will... trust me I have seen with my own eyes and felt the pain of blood....water don't know you and will help you as fast as you

blood will...yes it's crazy but this is real...ask your blood for something and they were quick to say they don't have it...let water ask for something they fly and give whatever they ask...I witness this with my own two eyes...

So how is blood thicker than water...
May 2018 · 228
Open minded
Over the years we had come close to each other in mind, body, & spirit
Getting to know someone takes time and patience and understanding
you got to be willing to hold on to good the bad and the ugly lol.....

But let go of the past cause you never be able to move forward with that person if you want to make it last. hold on to how that person makes you smile, laugh, feel. Most of the precious time yall spend & shared together that brought us together as one.
I'm putting my everything into this relationship

Cause I don't want not to know what real love feels.
If it only for a little while. My heart said to take a chance and put your heart out there. So I did now look at me back in love again.......
May 2018 · 120
You left Me
I open my eyes to see you not in bed with me
where have you gone?
Will you ever return home again?
Or should I put you in my past.......
You said til the end of time you will never go anywhere
You lied to me.....what happens til happy ever after
You found someone to take my place thought you would get treated better than I would treat you
That was a lie... Now u all skin and bones.... I pray you find happiness and peace in your life
cause it will never be another me.......
May 2018 · 135
My Pain
All the pain I have buried deep inside of my world
I'm too scared to let it out
Will you still love me the same way
after I tell you my past
will you look at me different
with your loving eyes
how can I open up to when I know people judge
you on the way you look &  your past history
so I rather keep it to myself
And continue to live my life the
way I want
May 2018 · 139
All the what if
All the what if in my head
What if u leave me for another person
What if we last people on earth
What if I lose my mind and go crazy
What if this is our last day's together
What if sky turn black and there more daylight
What if the sea creators start to walk on land
What if we get a woman for president
What if I became a millionaire
All the what if.........
May 2018 · 100
Me & U
Me & u we are alike in most parts
Work & come home for the most parts
cook dinner and drink our whiskey & beer
to unwind the long day
take our uniforms off and sit back
play with the kids and make dinner, watch few movies.
You got my back as well I got your front lol...
But we make a great pair.
You like rap & some blues
I love RnB...You love my cooking
At times I can't stand my cooking...
We both are hard working and don't give up easy
I love when u be silly... for the most parts I'm serious
but I let my hair to take apart. you are my sunshine after the rain...Im your sun on a cold winter day.
Apr 2018 · 70
Promise Me
Promise me you will always be by my side.
Tell me you love me all the time promise me.
promise me you make me smile & laugh all the time
especially on the day's I feel sad & down.
You and I are one till the end of days promise me.
Promise me the world & we have to never look back.
Hold my hand and never let go.
Kiss me every morning & hold me tight at night promise me.
When I have grown old & I can barely walk promise me you be right there to hold me up.
I want you one to always make me happy.
We only get one life so promise me you will stay in my life.
If you can promise me these few things I will promise you this times 10...
Apr 2018 · 71
Passion Love
You come into my world and unleash the wild burning love that I hold inside my soul.
Tonight I will release the passion that burns inside my soul.
Come to me and give me the love that I been dreaming of giving you.
Sweet kisses that you place on my lips. Give me the most goosebumps and drives my soul wild... As your hands touch my back so gentle as you rub and caress me I let out a moan. Don't stop you making me hot...
Tonight is the night we come together as one with our souls
You whisper sweet words in my ear as I lay on my stomach...
I tell you I'm ready for you to touch my soul inside & out
as we make sweet passion love once again
Apr 2018 · 74
When I stare into space I lay back & think of all the happy things that happen in my life.
The first one was my daughter that came into my life that was an amazing blessing.
My second blessing was my son I long for him to make my little world complete.
But it wasn't I was missing something that everyone long for is a relationship that I could say this is mine forever.
One day there came to my love bug who came into my life. But things never be like a fairytale. Who don't have there ups and downs,
there good and bad days in a relationship.
But my love bug sweeps me off my feet when I was down & depressed.

While I lay back a daydream of making things better & owning my own house, getting married again. I think the lord for everything I learn and grow from & still learning on how to make myself better & my world
Apr 2018 · 121
Time will Tell
I see I suppose to be the most important thing in your world be my eyes and heart say differently in time will tell.
You say you love me and I'm the only one for you but time will tell.
I'm your everything and I'm the best thing happen to you but time will tell.
you love everything about me and I'm the love of your life but time will tell.
All the things you tell me time will tell.
I'm most beautiful women but time will tell.
You want me and only me but time will tell
When we together things are distance and you wonder why I sit and say nothing time will tell.
I tell you I love you and we are good together but time will tell.
I see the love still there but is your heart still mines time will tell.
Please help me understand you but if not time will tell.
I don't know what else to do but time will tell.
God is right here by my side and yes time will tell.
Apr 2018 · 66
A Piece Of Mind
Everyone needs a piece of mind young or old.
While I sit a work and close my eyes I start to get a clear head and all my worries go away. Because I pray about it and let God take the wheel. A piece of mind is a big thing. When I'm painting I'm the happiest person in the world I can let go and be free of everything that builds up in my mind.Or when I'm cleaning I get a piece of mind nothing can take that away from me.
The way this world is today a piece of mind is all you have
so I take it an run as fast as I can away from all the negative things try to tear my
world down.....
Oh, how I love the change of the season's winter to spring. I love the warm days and the cool night. where you can open your windows and let the spring wind come all through the house. You can smell the springtime rain come oh how lovely it smells to me. Seeing all the plants wake up from there winter nap is so beautiful to me. But I don't like the bugs that come after me when the spring is here......My springtime has come again when you pulling your grills out and sit outside and smoke some meat. You hear the kids outside running around trying to catch butterflies with there hands... You can sit on the porch and drink kool-aid as the lighting bug do there dance.As I sit there I let cool breeze go through my hair.
Apr 2018 · 68
As I lay here with you in my mind all I want is you & little of your time. I try my best to keep you pleased with me. I'm not perfect & I have my faults, You make me smile & laugh every time I hear & see your face, my love. I love waking up to you & it's you and only you I want to do this with.The day is coming where we can walk down that wedding aisle & that's going to be the most amazing thing.
When I look into your eyes I see is love & I never want that feeling to fade away. I know I over think on things at times and act little crazy too, but that's me. I want us to be happy & grow old with each other. I don't want to give up on us. I want us to be one.
I just want to love you & be that amazing woman & friend & wife that you can't let GO............I love you til the end of earth & I will never let go my love bug
Apr 2018 · 73
I never thought I could have giving love another chance. But I was wrong my love is letting my heart open & I love every moment I spend with you. I love falling asleep on your shoulder when we are both tired. I love cooking dinner & singing & drinking wine with you.I love when we play with the kids& joke around with each other. I love the way you look at me with your eyes & all I can say "stop it" cause you make me smile. I love when you tell me that I'm beautiful & I make you happy in so many ways. I love the sweet sweet kisses before I get out the car for work. And sweet kisses I get when we both get off in evening.I know we don't always see eye to eye, But we make it work & that's why I love you AJ
thanks for reading
As I sing to let the pain out that's on the inside of my heart & inside of my brain.Sometimes I sit & think like wow it's been years I been with you & I truly is in love with you, But I'm scared of my heart getting broken again. I try & try, and keep trying to be the best woman, friend, lover, mother & best friend I can be. But it's hard to fully let my guards down. All I want is to be loved by you. Be the one you can't live without in your life.Just show me you want me here. No one knows what I feel on the inside but me.
Let me know what you think
As I sit here and wonder if I ever see you again
I miss your sweet smile and the way you use to kiss me I long for the nights we held each other till we fell asleep
what happens to those days holding each other hands as we walk down the street.
bring back the sweet face and those lovely lips.
I miss how we use too lay in bed and talk and watch movies
with our legs across each other bodies.
you're touch and warmth how I miss that so much.
I wonder if I ever see you again.

— The End —