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Mem zepper Oct 2015
When I die of this love
Come ... carve “fool”
On my grey stone

I walk a coward’s path
I am only beautiful
When I am alone

I know now there is a cure
That God does not possess
It is him! And not me!
Whom should step forward and confess

Though I never told you a lie
My reward was not the truth
Because our love got lost and so
At middle age I am finally sick of youth,

The outline of my soul is missing
You left me behind without
Letting go of my hand.

And now what is the order of the day?
For I am flying in the disorder of the night
A bird that knows not where to land.
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Mem zepper Sep 2015
I take refuge in poetry
Where poverty blossoms
Women’s feet leave not a print
And the stomach gets drunk on tap water.

Imprisoned in a shed, situated
At the back of my mind I have
Scared life away from me
‘Tis also the case vice-versa
I try to keep a harmonious tongue
But good people? You have
Witnessed for yourselves
Some folk crave a brutal answer.

The primitive man
With qualifications
The sober man
With hallucinations
The right honourable gentleman
With wrong un-honourable expenses
I take refuge in poetry
Squatting between the sentences.

We don’t really know exactly
What we are doing, we just follow
Things and see where it takes us
Never mind purchasing luxury
To even get a smile is all “subject to status”
I take refuge in poetry
Whether written by me the fool
Or them! ... the old sages.
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Mem zepper Sep 2015
If I could watch you sleep
I would not have the heart to awake you

I am poor ... unattractive ... lack entertainment ...
Where do I find the nerve
To take you?

I hear the hum of the lake in your eyes
My bones revolt, break through my skin
To protect you

I will crawl to the four corners of the world
Alas, you have instructed me
To forsake you.

If I could watch you sleep
I would gather birds and hire instruments
To awake you.
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Mem zepper Sep 2015
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Mem zepper Feb 2015
Mem zepper Mar 2014
The mind the soul the self the spirit
Whatever you wanna call it ?
Is the greatest arsenal that we have
And you don't put it in to jeopardy    
For any worldly situation...
Mem zepper Mar 2014
Amputated from man
Amputated by man
Implanted to the outside of a wall
A foreigner refused entry into the family
The patern is as such: evrey need I fill
Opens up another two in me
One morning I awoke an amputee

And so it continued the whole life through
"How sincerity made a mad man of you"
If I ever face the mirror that's what I would say to thee
But me and my reflection have gone our seperate ways you see
Half a coffin for the amputee

I know they blame me and say how it's all my fault
Just cos I don't have a hatred for others
Which clearly they have got
Selfish to the core...vanity pride and greed..
Trick a poor stranger for an extra penny
Charge an arm and a leg from an amputee

God has unlocked my heart
But not the padlock on his gate
Heaven may be within reach
But hell is on a plait
So shall I DIE now?? that what it will take ?
To make happy those so called "near to me"
To beautifie the amputee.
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