May 16 Melting Butterflies
“please be naked”

she stands in her doorway wearing just a gown,
I walk in the house, dumbstruck by beauty,
up in her room undoing the bow, the shield simply slides down
caressing her curves, stroking down to the floor,
intertwined bodies craving the touch of the other,
joined as one in the gentle acts of love and lust,
romanticised ideals of perfection and soft rhythm,
delicate groans as two become one,
the broken poet, for the moment, is gone,
my drug addiction of you, just wanting more,
As my heart bleeds, love begins to pour.

“please be naked”.
this poem is influenced by The 1975 instrumental song "please be naked". i regularly think of this song as romanticising the act of sex and the trust required with it rather than what most songs make it today. despite having no lyrics the song speaks volumes to me and id definitely recommend it to anyone. stay safe and live well. JY x
The piano played a beautiful tune for her,
But she couldn't hear it.

The brushes coloured an empty canvas for her,
But she couldn't see it.

The bees made delicious honey for her,
But she couldn't taste it.

The flowers scented heavenly for her,
But she couldn't smell it.

The birds made a soft dress with their feathers for her,
But she couldn't feel it.

How could she?
When the world tortured her,
Till she was dead inside.
Floating in the sea,
Drifting through the wind,
Without a destination.

Some may think it's sad,
But I believe it's freedom.
I'm tired.
Tired of everything.
I just want to sleep,
And never wake up again.

No, I'm not lazy,
I'm not running away from life.
I'm just tired of the world and myself,
And too tired to change anything.
Our love was like
Picking petals off a flower
One day he loved me
The next he loved me not
But I was so wrapped up
In the beauty of the flower
I wasn't thinking of all the
Pain it had caused me
Until the last petal
Finally fell,
"He loves me not".
My fingertips slip over petals and thorns like silk over gold

Soft tides of myself raging beneath skin thin walls

Beneath the part of us that lives in fury and frustration

The part washing over me erases my being again and again

Every morning I am footprints
And the shoreline
Never the horizon

Yet my pen realizes endlessness in the page.

Ballpoint bloodlines filling empty space.
I watch you from your corner of the party
Everything is moving around you
(Drinks are spilling, people are dancing, laughter is swirling)
Yet you sit perfectly still

You let your blue gaze fall to the ground
Where your feet are tapping so softly
Against the yellow-stained dorm room tile

There you are,
Whispering song lyrics under your breath
Rolling off your tongue
Dripping from your lips
I can't help but become hypnotized
You think no one is watching but
I could watch your lips move all night long
You look so concentrated
Driving me wild every time you bite down
Ever so gently
Every time the letter "v" arises

Sing me a song, pretty boy
I want to get lost in your words
Let me slip into a trance
I want to fall so hard it hurts
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