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Sophie Jun 6
I inhale absence
I'm slowly dying from all the nothing I inhale
The lack of your hand in mine, it's killing me
I lie in fetal helplessness
Caving in on myself, becoming smaller
Becoming absence
Sophie Aug 2019
She’s walking hand in hand
With a boy, almost a man

He’s walking side by side
With a girl, not yet a bride

She’s smiling ear to ear
Whispers only he can hear

He sings her, word for word,
The sweet songs of every bird

This love lives day to day
On youth’s hopeful holiday

Love withers by and by
But all flowers one day die

They’re walking hand in hand
In the purest love, unplanned
Sophie May 2019
I know I’ll get in trouble
For drawing on the wall,
But this crayon-marker masterpiece
Is my greatest work of all.

If I put my thoughts on paper
For some temporary praise,
They’ll be stuck up on the fridge
And then be gone in several days.

But walls are a sturdy canvas
To scrawl my fervent feelings.
As I sketch and stretch and scribble,
One day, I’ll reach the ceilings.
Sophie Feb 2019
How many times do I have to say “I’m sorry”
Before you stop looking at me like that?
I ask you if you’re even listening to me
While you pick at something on your placemat.

You couldn’t be bothered to ask about my day,
Never mind that I don’t ask about yours.
I’ll lose my nerve and twist your words in every way
Before I try to settle all our scores.

I hope to break the painful silence by saying,
“We shouldn’t let this dinner go to waste.”
You look away, like you don’t plan on staying,
And it fills my mouth with a lonely taste.
Sophie Feb 2019
Tender lover,
Send my friendly vitriol to the devils in you,
As they often possess your fists and bid me welcome.
Your love, and I am tenderized.

I will savor the kiss between your teeth.
Sophie Jan 2019
I have made myself a box.
You can try and find the key,
But I won’t let you open me.
I am safe behind the locks.

I have made myself a stone.
You will never make me break,
No matter what offense I take.
I am strongest on my own.

I have made myself a knife.
If you want my heart, take heed,
Push too hard and you will bleed.
I am fighting for my life.
Sophie Jan 2019
The snow is falling gently,
Covering the streets
In a massive white blanket,
Like soft bed sheets

I’d like to lay out in that snow,
Blissful nothingness,
Waiting in feathery flakes
For winter’s cold kiss.

It’s a swirling storm of stars,
Melting on my tongue.
If I sleep, they will preserve me
Forever young.

I’m making snow angels in my driveway,
And they won’t even last till Friday.
When night has come,
I will be numb,
Too deep to feel the light waves.
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