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I glimpse their struggles in real time
the same arduous trek to a home
where your absence is no longer spoken of, yet felt more than ever.

Years fold upon themselves
Moments untouched by the cruel passage of time, your distinct voice
Already fading from the still space

You see more than we could possibly
ever imagine, separated by dreams;
your legacy echoed by the storm
of our lives as we press ever forward
Melody W Feb 2019
My lover works tirelessly in the wee hours, alert
embodying a quiet strength, unmatched in virtue -
a pureness I thought I'd parted with long ago

I neither possess nor am kept by you;
the doors are thrown wide open &
the night air envelops in a dizzying sweet embrace

He, both familiar and strange to me, is
charged by the waning moon illuminating broad shoulders,
the crevices of which I will always seek out
Melody W Feb 2019
Aura crafted by moonlight, you (heroine/survivor) emerge
early in the morn, the gardens know your sorrows well. Again
in the fading light, you are immersed by the fires that purify you.
Once, bright-eyed and palms cupped, turned back on your only home
unaware of the darkness, no end nor barrier in sight, you plunged.
Melody W Aug 2018
Two lives never crossing, no sturdy bridge to close
the chasm between us - and I was content.
I watched you from afar, my kindred companion,
and saw in you another me - wondrous solidarity.

And then one day, I came as a visitor to your land
struck by your luminous spirit and your darkness.
Still I refused to take that step towards you,
so confident in the sacred foundation we'd built

Your eyes ignited memories of a brooding force,
its familiar pulse beckoning to me time and again.
Months later, you sought me and we both knew
we were (and have always been) one with the sea.
Melody W Aug 2018
Even in wee hours, in pallor of moon,
distilled truths stir (for a moment)
within our soil-filled planters
intent on co-mingling, waltzing
nearer and nearer to the flame

Onward, my faithful friend, we must
release that which binds us to fear
living just beyond the space between us -
we allow light and life to nurture and heal
the lesser seedlings we've neglected -
even breaking through encasements,
shadows, the life force within rises.
Melody W Apr 2018
Situated in the center, a hidden eye opened
into a realm I had relinquished for the
least of them; that's the thing about
eyes and (forgotten) mysteries - they are
never closed for
too long

Reveal to me the innermost patterns of your essence,
(ever soft and tender), still seeking out the
very force that deforms into sinewy discards
even as you strive to remain open; for once I shall
listen carefully - with
all faculties intact - lest I forget,
there will surely come a moment
in which the bitterness of my pride
only yields a remnant of a golden age
never again to be
Melody W Nov 2017
unknowingly i walked beside it,
a beast wearing a man's wry smile -
hiding its intent to ensnare me

my voice (not yet unwavering) echoed freely;
the night air was cool upon my skin
and the moon shone gently above the sea

in the darkness it plotted and lured me
to a high place, frenzied in its desire
to scorch my very being with its perverse heat

when it overpowered me, darkness
flourished and decay bound me,
taunting my body's paralysis  

my screams silenced by its brutality,
the path was visible no longer to me
and i felt nothing

echoes from this chamber
palpitating with cold dread
at times i wanted breath to cease

days later, i emerged, as if from a fog,
a creature hardly recognizable
even to myself

out of the stillness,
strength returned to me
and i welcomed it like an old friend

the beast took from me
that which was never meant for it;
a temple was left defiled, in ruin

unbeknownst to it,
that which it thought it destroyed
i am no longer bound to
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