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Sep 2014 · 1.0k
give and take
Melody Goodner Sep 2014
i use to have
so much to give
but you took it all
and left nothing in return
Sep 2014 · 357
Melody Goodner Sep 2014
do not try
to mend his
broken heart with
your love because you
will end up the broken one
Sep 2014 · 333
Melody Goodner Sep 2014
my stomach is now
a graveyard
you killed all of
the butterflies
Aug 2014 · 653
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
he wants everything
i have to give
except for me
Aug 2014 · 413
shooting daggers
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
if looks could ****
i'd be a mass murderer
Aug 2014 · 247
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
you try so hard
to be gentle
but we both know
all your kisses
leave scars
Aug 2014 · 380
This Isn't Wonderland
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
you make me
mad as a hatter
i have fallen
down the rabbit hole
Aug 2014 · 441
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
they tell you not to let
someone become your world,
but the earth does not choose
to revolve around the sun
Aug 2014 · 206
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
you smoothed down
my frayed edges
then pulled me apart
from the seams
Aug 2014 · 389
you rascal you
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
i may have knocked
on your door with ill intentions,
but yours were much much worse
it seems we were both wolves
dressed as sheep.
Aug 2014 · 380
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
i am a broken record
so i’ll keep spinning
until someone comes along
who knows they can’t fix me
but they love me anyway.
Aug 2014 · 570
blurred lines
Melody Goodner Aug 2014
they say
hindsight is 20/20
but my vision
always has been perfect
i thought i saw things with clarity
but eyesight deteriorates with age
and i’m not sure i see things so
clearly anymore
Jul 2014 · 317
Melody Goodner Jul 2014
i curled up next to you
and murmured sweet nothings
into your ear
so you wouldn’t hear the sound
of my fragile heart
Jul 2014 · 284
Melody Goodner Jul 2014
slap my ***
and call me baby
throw me against the wall
and kiss me gently
**** me hard
and tell me that you love me
Jul 2014 · 664
fasten your seatbelts
Melody Goodner Jul 2014
much like an airplane,
crashing and burning
is inevitable for me
i guess when you fly that high
you forget not to look down
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
old habits
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
morphine -
they could never quite
reach the pain in my heart.
Jun 2014 · 475
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
you are the rain in june,
it’s funny how lovely
a nuissance can be.
Jun 2014 · 263
water words
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
my mouth is a leaky faucet
it just doesn’t know when
to stop running
Jun 2014 · 432
expletive love
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i have given up
on romance.
**** the setting sun,
and the beach on a beautiful day.
i hate good morning texts
and your stupid ******* face.
i have given up
**** romance.
Jun 2014 · 18.7k
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
you are a summer night

the way you keep me up

so hot the sheets stick to me

i have to open the windows,

take off all my clothes

morning comes and i still

feel you on my skin
Jun 2014 · 571
before my eyes
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i went outside to find
poetry in bloom:
floral letters falling from trees,
creating their own narrative.
whispy words pollunated
my inspiration while
phrases buzzed past me
swarms of thoughts as
i watched the world
off writing grow
and come alive.
Jun 2014 · 249
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
try hard
try harder
give up
save draft
go back
he’ll never read it anyway.
Jun 2014 · 503
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
is the fastest a
sport bike can go
and it’s also how many
times my heart beats every
single minute that i talk to you.
Jun 2014 · 543
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
being on the shore
and looking out at the water
is so different
from being on the water,
looking towards the shore.
Jun 2014 · 304
Stars & Stripes
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i would never tell you this
but i have a favorite towel,
one that you left at my house
a sunny summer day
long ago when we went to
wild waves and we got stuck
on a ride together.
i’ll never forget how you feigned
disinterest in the questions you asked me, while your eyes lit up with fires. the last time i saw you
was when you got back from
europe, you reached to smooth down my skirt that
was flowing in the wind and
i gasped as your hands starting at my waist, trailed down to my hips.
struck silent you told me you had
never seen me so quiet.
maybe that’s why you sat across
from me at the dinner table
and offered me the last of your drink with a smirk and a wink…
leaving me hoping that you’ll
forget more than a towel next time
Jun 2014 · 944
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
you make me feel
like i’m looking through
rose colored lenses.

i see your faults
with a hint of red.

i hear your lies spoken
with cherry lips, and i
want to charge like a bull.
Jun 2014 · 279
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
I think ghosts
are a beautiful creation
we use to fill up ugly,
empty spaces.
Jun 2014 · 307
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
the thing about a
bad record on repeat is
after a while you start
to like it.
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i know that i hate
country music
a little less than
i hate you
and i really *******
hate country music.
Jun 2014 · 531
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i should call you dope,
because i could get
addicted to you
and your pain.
Jun 2014 · 570
passenger seat blues
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
the wind wails
through open windows
the seatbelt unlatched
as i watch
my insignificant life
go by at
110 mph.
Jun 2014 · 288
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
highs to lows
this weather ain’t
got nothin’ on me.
Jun 2014 · 288
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i prefer counting commas
over counting stars
this life is for the rich
and not the romantic.
Jun 2014 · 362
ain't nothing sweeter
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
stumbling home smelling
like yesterday’s sweat and
this morning’s jd honey.
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
cinderella's slipper
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
the prince wanted so badly
to find the girl whose feet
would fit perfectly in glass
shoes made for someone
that did not exist.
Jun 2014 · 297
cinematic epiphany
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i started enjoying movies when
i realized not everything has a point.
Jun 2014 · 579
Plenty of Fish
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i thought i could like you
but i only really liked the chase
i reeled you in
but when i caught you
you were released
after all, there are plenty of other
fish in the sea.
Jun 2014 · 207
6 word story
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i always speak far too soon.
Jun 2014 · 417
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
in sixth grade,
she hands me
one eyeliner pencil
and a thing of mascara
and says good luck.

in seventh grade,
i ask for a hair straightener.
we buy one the cheapest one
and i teach her how to use it.

at 16 years old,
i ask her to braid my wet hair.
she combs over my ears
and pulls too far to the left.

i’m 19, staring into a mirror
at a painted face that looks
far from my own, hair i did myself.
i smile because it is my work of art.
i cry because she never taught me a thing.
Jun 2014 · 183
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i’m honestly glad
i never showed you a poem
you didn’t deserve that
part of me.
Jun 2014 · 182
morning blues
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
5:15am sees a
pair of dull eyes,
and hopes it wont lose
another broken child
who can’t be fixed.
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i have realized i regret
every single thing that i do,
but i can’t seem to learn
how to regret you.
Jun 2014 · 260
29 April, 2014
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
the washer rocks
off kilter
while my brother
strums the bass,
i listen from
the back porch
with the sun
going down
and i feel bad
for anyone
that doesn’t get
to feel like
Jun 2014 · 317
counting cards
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i wish your love
was as easy to win
as blackjack
but you can’t cheat
at this game,
you can only gamble.
Jun 2014 · 514
bare brain
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
they gave me
the gift of insanity
but forgot the bow
and wrapping paper
Jun 2014 · 249
L'espirit De Escalier
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
the spirit in the staircase is
always a creaky reminder of
what you could have said.
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
wear your heart on your sleeve
where it can be seen but not
Jun 2014 · 316
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
you turned my heart
into a bird
and my chest into a cage
Jun 2014 · 336
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i’m an open book.
my words are bold and
forever imprinted on my skin.
some people don’t dare
to look close enough to see them,
others misinterpret them,
but they’re still there
one day i hope you’ll look closer,
read me, & understand.
Jun 2014 · 480
chipped nail polish
Melody Goodner Jun 2014
i pick at the sparkly top coat
and wonder why my subconscious
wants to ruin things that are beautiful.
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