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Feb 2020 · 185
Wouldn’t it?
MellowMomo Feb 2020
It’s easy to feel lonely
When the bed is cold
And the sounds are silent

It’s easy to feel sad
When you turn off the light
And the darkness surrounds you

It’s easy to feel cold
When there is no one
To keep you safe and warm

It’s easy to feel every bad thing
When there is only you
And you wish it were different

Still if you close your eyes
And could see that one person
Wouldn’t that be easier?
Oct 2019 · 893
But why
MellowMomo Oct 2019
I wish you would understand me
You say you do
but you don’t
I wish I could say no to you
You say I can
but I can’t
I wish you would just let me be
You say you will
but you won’t
I wish I wasn’t so lonely
But why am I
when I’m with you?
Oct 2017 · 364
No Ink
MellowMomo Oct 2017
There's this road I'm walking on
Of which end I cannot see
My sense of direction all gone
Map show me the way! I plea

But the words are met with defeat
Should I continue on my own?
For it's just an empty sheet
Am I doomed to walk alone?

What to do when there's no ink?
Or is it because I can't see?
I feel like I'm on a brink
Of losing myself in misery

I stumble around all lost
Day after day after day
My fingers are firmly crossed
For this nightmare to go away

But I've come to the realization
That nightmares are just dreams
For I am my own narration
It may not be what it seems

So even if my eyes are blind
Don't give up is what I say
Just leave these doubts behind
Eventually I will find my way.
Apr 2017 · 688
MellowMomo Apr 2017
Our hearts are made from puzzle pieces
Intricately complex, but incomplete
Full with gaps, stains and creases
Changing with every heartbeat.

We're all looking for real connections
Something fitting instead of patches
And endure a lot of rejections
To find the best possible matches.

This puzzle is hard to complete
At times impossible to cope
Not wanting to admit defeat
We continue, because of hope.

Hence I too shall keep on going
Like everyone else day by day
Constantly failing, but also growing
Collecting my heart along the way.
Special thanks to Mr. Jin!
Dec 2016 · 1.2k
Unkind Mind
MellowMomo Dec 2016
My mind is like a recorder
One that keeps replaying
Every bad thought in order
Hope and optimism decaying.

My mind is like a giant maze
One with many turns and twists
Getting lost happens always
Does the way out really exists?

My mind is like a broken vinyl
One with scratches everywhere
Every damage seems so final
It looks impossible to repair.

My mind is like an eraser
One that makes me forget
Turning me into a disgracer
What's left is only regret.
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
Morning Dew
MellowMomo Oct 2016
I am but a small flower,
Waiting to be noticed and seen,
Longing and yearning by the hour,
Like everyone else in this place of green.

I am but a Forget-Me-Not,
Please give me lots of love and affection,
Because that is what I require a lot,
For I cannot take rejection and neglection.

I am but a Bleeding Heart,
Care for me and I will bloom only for you,
But if you have enough of me and depart,
I shall wilt and become one with the morning dew.
Oct 2016 · 454
This morning
MellowMomo Oct 2016
I am greeted by morning singing.
Of birds too soon. My head is spinning.
Through the window the cold wind is visiting.
I shiver, wishing that the night wasn't so limiting.
For I wish to return to my peaceful dreams.
A different world, where nothing is what is seems.
But alas duty has called upon me!
But first I should try to wake up properly...
Jul 2016 · 739
Tick Tock
MellowMomo Jul 2016
Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock 

Busy with ticking away
Every second of the day
Giving a sound to time
Indicating day or nighttime

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

Its hands are clapping 
While time is unwrapping 
Clapping on the beat
Every second never offbeat

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

It seems to go so fast
When you're having a blast
Other times not at all
Time then just seems to crawl

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

Again I give a big sigh
Trying hard to deny
That another day went by
Another day to say goodbye

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock
Jul 2016 · 740
Fallen Stars
MellowMomo Jul 2016
Wishes are like butterflies
Beautiful, astonishing, but frail
Similar to magic spells
As if from a fairy tale.

Wishes are like tears
Uncontrollable and emotional
Because they come from the heart
They are illogical and irrational.

Wishes are like fine china
When they are too much to carry
They'll become broken shards
Reactionary and fragmentary.

Wishes are like the atmosphere
Surrounding me and you
Appearing in the form of fallen stars
How I wish they'd come true.
Jul 2016 · 577
MellowMomo Jul 2016
In the rain,
I look so insane,
Waiting for the train,
There's nothing to gain,
Nothing valuable to obtain,
Only more and more pain,
But I just can't refrain,
I'm tied to a chain,
Chest pain.
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
MellowMomo Jul 2016
Oh my cute kitty cat,
Lying all cozy on my bed.
How I wish I were you,
I want to be pampered too!
'Meow,' you would say,
In response I nod okay.
You got me at your beck and call,
Following every wish I shall.
So I bring you some fresh milk,
While you lie there waiting on the silk...
Jul 2016 · 577
MellowMomo Jul 2016
What is evil, what is good?
Is it for us to decide, just because we could?
So many laws have been written down,
Book after book, the world is a paper town.
But life is never pure black and white,
Sometimes it's hard to see what is right.
Sadly some efforts are all in vain,
So criminals are left unpunished and victims in pain.
Justice has been served, how nice would that be,
But that's only wishful thinking, don't you agree?
Jul 2016 · 1.5k
MellowMomo Jul 2016
Is there perfection in imperfection?
Or is that just a personal projection?
I look at my own reflection,
With mental disconnection.
The only thing I see is rejection,
Everything needs a correction.
Especially my midsection,
There is no perfection.
Only objection,
To the imperfection.
Jul 2016 · 526
Sweet Dreams
MellowMomo Jul 2016
When it's late and sleep has yet to arrive,
I get this strange feeling.
My mind is in overdrive,
While staring at the ceiling.

Sometimes I wonder,
About my latest dream.
I think and ponder,
Is there more to it than it might seem?

There are times that I don't remember at all,
Like a fog that has clouded my mind.
There's nothing that I can recall,
Even if I try to rewind.

Dreams are life's many mysteries,
They just come and go.
Like ships sailing the seas,
Going with the water flow.

And like ships dreams can also sink,
They will never come up again from below.
Gone in a blink,
They seem like something from a long time ago.

I vaguely remember this one time,
A dream that was so good.
It gave me a wonderful feeling so sublime,
It put me in a happy mood.

But on another night,
I only felt dread and fear.
I ran for my life in total fright,
Chased by something that I could not bear.

Everything was cold and dark,
I was so scared and alone.
This nightmare left a mark,
I hated to be on my own.

I wish I had someone,
Strong demeanor with feet steady on the ground.
That very special one,
With a warm light to keep me safe and sound.

But I know when I open my eyes,
There will be only me.
Tried to fool myself with lies,
Wasted effort I silently agree.

I stare at the ceiling yet again,
Thinking about the next night.
Wondering what will happen then?
Hoping that I will be alright.

Sweet dreams I would therefore say,
To everyone I hold dear.
I sincerely wish and pray,
That the nights will be peaceful and clear.

— The End —