Jan 2017 Melissa June
Ash Rose

The pain in your eyes,
it cut me to the core.
It was a deep, dark wound
that I had never seen before

Your scars that you uncovered,
your heart strung out to dry,
broken into throbbing pieces.

Lift your face, open your eyes.
You've made mistakes, but that's not your disguise!
Show me your smile, let me hear your laugh.
You're my issue now, my whole, not my half.

 Jan 2014 Melissa June

Cold bathroom tiles
press against my face

nausea, regret, shame, guilt

I lie in a pool of thoughts,
not blood
because it's not liquid
but invisible words that pour
out of my veins
and form puddles of paragraphs
growing on the floor

Around my wrists and up my arms
I've transcribed my pain in ink
but it smudges now against
uneven grout

The vocabulary of my anxiety
I've tried so hard to conceal
flows freely

My biggest fear:
that someone will find me
drowning in subconscious
only to decide that
I'm not worth saving.

Best poems are lost in the morn's toothbrush
wash away with rinse fade like first crush
run away with the trail of the bus you miss
fly with summer clouds melt like first kiss!

Best poems are lost with the winds' dusty blow
half seen half known through half shut window
burn away like fire on a long winter night
lure with contour eluding full sight!

Best poems are lost in the crescent moon's glow
when your mind is too weary head hits pillow
evanesce like youthful time smoothness of face
undecoded hieroglyph untraced address!

Best poems are lost like petals in the rain
in the race for vain pride rush for self gain
seen through smoked glass pages unread
crumbling with time wasted like weed!

Last night I prayed
Softly, peacefully, and still,
No strain, no grief, no disbelief,
No doubting of His will,

Last night I prayed
Softly for His strength,
Since I am weak.

Then with peace-of-mind
Worries and stress left behind
I quietly fell asleep.

Are we not perfect strangers

A chill that's on the wind
The icicle that tickles
As we breath each other in

Are we not perfect strangers

A question that begs to ask
Standing on the fault line of time
A slight memory of the past

Are we not perfect strangers

A stolen glimpse from across the room
Raising glasses high in a toast to life
Perfect strangers me and you

You are my beat,
a part of me on permanent repeat.
Just the thought of when our eyes meet,
gives me an an elation of pure defeat.

Nothing more to do than just be,
no biased judgement on what we see.
Just our minds set eternally entwined and free,
black or white, hate or love, up or down, agree or disagree.
I would never change a thing about you, me... We.

From the external beat, to the inner workings on my heart,
you've made yourself a special place from the start.
Close, far, near, or apart,
God has painted our paths on the same piece of art.

Even when one thousand pictures cannot tell the story in your eyes,
there's no disguise, no part of you that ever lies.
My soul slowly opens, loves, and cries,
for the beat that may lead to the demise,
of all walls, opening all possibilities in the heavens and skies.


you are the pillow i hug
when I sleep at night.
you are the thought that keeps coming on my mind.
you are the music that I used to sing.
you are the best ever among all of these things.
you are the tears that I cry when I am hurt.
Hurt by jealousy, it may sounds absurd.
you are the smile that is painted on my lips.
you are the one who make me dance and move my hips.
you are my sunshine that lights up my life.
my rain that washed away the pain in my life.
i tried to ran away from you.not only once, but more than two
and yet here i am, still stay where I am
I love you babe, with all I am

the night was quiet.
cold but sweet
rippled pools in a forest of pine.
i lounged on the couch
as you threaded round' and round' the trees
pinpricks of lights dripping from your arms.
as you carried christmas in your palms
and i watched
your grace  unfolded
like   a tear stained love letter
"desperate hearts belong together"
and it's true i could never find another angle like you
to perch at the top of my tree
and your eggnog lips move   gently
over my mouth
brushing window panes
like fragile falling

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