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melissa rose Oct 6
I dipped my toes into her ocean and was completely swept away
melissa rose Oct 6
One who loves with conditions will never be unconditionally loved
melissa rose Oct 6
I am the ever-changing sound which beckons me to listen
10/6/19 non-duality
melissa rose Oct 6
The wind by it’s breath renders me breathless.

The underlying peace within and behind this and all experience follows me here.

It beckons my attention to rest in the bliss of stillness through which this exquisite moment remains endless
melissa rose Oct 4
“Wait for me”
Three words to which
across space and time
the energy has travelled
though be it not a request
in any way to sacrifice yourself
these words are not linked to fear
nor is it a desperate attempt
made by me for keeping you near
in this temporal dimension
prose cannot adequately define
the depth of the energy within
this message we both agreed
was meant to be
sprinkled delicately
onto this finite horizon
at just the right time
a reminder of that infinite space
from which we came
and this divine love
that will always remain
10/4/19 the depth to which we feel cannot always be captured by words
melissa rose Sep 24
She gathered them like the dead
autumn leaves of Fall
old habits and beliefs
crumbling into dust
through her fingertips
never once grasping to save one
or any at all
now only remnants remain
her soul reclaimed
she leaves all suffering behind
as the most desolate parts of winter
begin to fade away
uncovering her beauty
and the love she was meant to find
unearthed like the roots of Spring
she is Violet amidst the blossoms
of awakening
reaching out to the Summer’s sun
it kisses her radiance
and welcomes her home
melissa rose Sep 22
Lie down gently upon the last
of the summer’s sweet grass
and quench your thirst for beauty
upon which each moment drifts further
into a cloudless sky
while yellow leaves dance in periphery
to the harmony of Fall
breathe slowly and deeply
welcoming the fragrances
as they playfully invigorate your senses
just be in this placeless place
listening as time stops ticking
where stillness prevails
all other sounds they are like waves
sinking silently into the depths
of its bottomless sea
become the vastness now
and close your eyes
know yourself as the last
of the summer’s sweet grass
and that cloudless sky
those yellow leaves dancing
to the harmony of Fall
you are the harmony and
the fragrances invigorating your senses
you are the breath
from which the winter wind blows
existing as everything
defined by nothing at all
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