Court is now in session
With gavel in hand
We are the Jury
And justice we demand

No you cannot plead your case
We’ve heard it all before
We find you guilty on all accounts
and sentence you once more

Your life hangs in the balance
What punishment will you receive?
We the judges;  the all mighty
Won’t offer you reprieve

We are far from perfect
But won’t ever let you know
Why we turn a blind eye
To the persecution we bestow

Judgment is a reflection
of the punishers’ history
and the condemnation
appointed by their own jury

It is all so wry
And plain to see
We the Jury are the punished
And these prisoners will never set you free

10/13/17  -Reflecting upon how we (society) judges, have been judged ourselves and how the cycle still continues.
Melissa G Oct 10

There are demons in your closet
It is obvious to me
You left the door wide open
Setting those bastards free

Anger lashed out first
With razor sharp claws
Shredding the unsuspecting
Without hesitation or pause

Beneath him is resentment
Forever locked up tight
Hidden within for years
Now more than ever, ready to fight

Betrayal weighs heavy
Taking up the most room
Can’t sweep it under the rug
There isn’t a big enough broom

Don’t disregard the guilt
Or forget about shame
These two big players
Are leaders of the game

Amidst the whirl wind of chaos
And the fury of rage
A broken heart exposed through fear
Makes its way to center stage

Vulnerability is waiting
She can keep your closet clean
Nourish you with love
Making those demons less mean

As the spotlight shifts its focus
There seems nowhere to hide
Will you crawl back into darkness?
Or simply swallow your pride?

10/10/17 For AJ and I. Perhaps a few can relate.
Melissa G Oct 4

I heard the whispers of the wind
Through the trees from where it began
Gentle swaying to and fro
Calling me back home

I watched a black bird soaring high
Amidst an endless  summers’ sky
Wings expanded, joy implied  
Embracing freedom with each glide

I knelt and touched the oceans’ shore
Hope overcame me like never before
Reflections of love christened my face
While endless ripples embodied the rays

I laid in fields of flowers in bloom
In wonderment I swooned
Nourished by beauty, caressed by scent
I relished in sweet content

I cherished the nectar of a honeysuckle tree
And sipped an elixir of dandelion tea
Medicinal riches surged through my veins
Healed completely by that soulful terrain

In all of those moments I have come to know
The wisdom of Nature and the power she holds
Transcending all suffering and the illusion of fear
My heart  is wide open, my purpose clear

10/4/17. Lately I've been feeling so close to the powerful healing energy of nature.
Melissa G Oct 3

this present moment,
is a gift to us all

Melissa G Sep 29

An Autumn breeze
Leaves resting at my feet
I oblige
These gifts
So graciously enchanting
Call to me

I wander unconsciously
With brazen disregard
Crushing beneath me
I leave them for dead
Blindly being

Involuntary steps
I hold the cosmic GPS
Down this path
Already chosen
Awakening the slumber
The memories gently unfolding

I sit naked
Starkly white
Wide eyes staring
Intently through the trees
I am vulnerable
Yet wildly free

I remember
and joyfully surrender
To the beauty,
love and grace
To the home that never left me
We lovingly embrace

Melissa G Sep 28

I cried out
in between the chattering leaves
the wind whistling through the trees
I heard the faint whispers of you

I leapt forward
into hope and faith
as the vast love
of your infinite arms embraced me

I fell into grace
inside the silkiest of carmine petals
As your beauty bequeathed me
I saw my perfection through you

I surrendered unequivocally
To the truth
undressing the lies
While you rebirthed me

Melissa G Jun 16

Unraveling and rewinding, trickles of time
unrequited longing
For redemption, resurrection, inspiration
twisting in the winds of regret

Doubtful and unsteady, whispers of purpose
A victim’s story
Of unachievable perfection
dying in the arms of this fool

Weakened and damaged, waves of anguish
Crush the hopeful heart
A destitute pauper
Blind to the riches within

Lies and deception, distortion of truth
Crippling perception
and saturating the feeble remains
with unrelenting force

Wounded and berated, rivers of light
Swallow whole the ragged soul
Back in time to reverse his crimes
granting the blind man sight

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