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Jun 2014 · 461
Friends Became Strangers
Melissa Beck Jun 2014
I used to know you so well,
but now I know nothing.
Time changes so many things
including ourselves.
This new you is a stranger to me.
The old you, now only a memory.
I miss the way things used to be.
I miss the person you were to me,
but now you have gone and I sit here
and wonder who you are now and if
we will ever meet again.
Will the memories I hang on to of you ever come back to life?
Will this stranger you have become return to me as a friend once more?
Or will we go our separate ways and forget who we used to be?
May 2014 · 625
Melting Sun
Melissa Beck May 2014
The sun was melting
It flickered like a flame.
As if it would go out at any second.
And the clouds grew thicker and covered what was left of it and the colors of the sky bled into each other.
We stood outside looking up and the rain began to fall and the water dripped down our skin like hot candle wax. 
We held each other close knowing the darkness would soon swallow the world. So we sat on the roof and the sun peeked out one last time. And we let the colors, the light, and the lingering warmth  burn into our minds and swore we would never forget.
Jul 2013 · 542
To Fear
Melissa Beck Jul 2013
You are a disease eating at the flesh of my being.
You are everything I hate.
You have stolen my joy.
You have taken the light from my eyes.
You have wasted my time.
You have left me crippled.
You have left me paralyzed.
You are my worst enemy.
You deceive me with your lies.
You make me afraid to live my life.
You have made me your *****.
You have made me want to curl up and die on the floor.
You are a ruthless monster who stalks me in the night.
You are an ever present ghost who haunts me in the light.
You are everything I don't ever wish to be.
I hate that I ever let you become a part of me.
I will not lay down and take it anymore.
I am my own person; I am no longer your *****.
I will escape this self inflicted hell hole.
I will take back what you stole.
I will fight you to the bitter end.
I will not let you win.

— The End —