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Melissa Feb 2018
Melissa Sep 2017
I'll  wonder if you miss us, that thought itself absurd

I'll  wonder if the secrets I've told you since have been left unheard

I'll wonder if there is nothing, just blissful quiet sleep

I'll wonder if all your memories are still yours to keep

I'll wonder if I'll see you in more than just my dreams, that thought alone- sometimes- makes the pain less than it seems.

I wonder can you hear me, my laughter and my cries,

I wonder what happens when somebody dies.
Melissa Aug 2014
From now we are strangers,
there are no words left to be said.

This knot in my stomach-
a heavy twisting lead.

A long distant memory-  
swims through my head.

we are no longer friends
we are strangers instead
Melissa May 2014
Divided by choice

Our votes a collaborative voice

shouting out- for or against change

Ask and you shall hear a flurry of

thoughts, slurs and worry

*"We are stronger together" or " we are better apart" *

We remain divided
the 'undecided'  are fair game
hurried to succumb to a decision -
with no revision
of the facts.
Melissa Jun 2013
Is there a shadow to my thoughts? Smudges trailing behind..

Slow moving snails, sticky trails straggling along behind my train of thought...

Frightened by bright ideas, cowering in corners....

until they are forgotten...
Melissa Dec 2012
Her lips were raw from the cold air biting them,
snow surrounding her.
A lone hitchhiker.

Miles from anywhere that could be called home.
She is alone.

Her skin crawled. From the touch of the others, rides offered and unpleasant favors returned
Young, thin. Wasting.

Home might be nice now.

On the run from nothing, she couldn't hide from herself
Melissa Dec 2012
please be still.

He does not listen.

Buzzing he is like a worked bee

Not stopping till he is exhausted.

Done, still, asleep
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